How to learn to play guitar at home?

How to learn to play guitar at home?
You will need:
  • Select guitar
  • prepare
  • own learning
# 1

To learn how to learn to play the guitar himself, should at least find the tool itself.Of course, the best option would be to buy it at a music store.There Sales will help you choose the right size and the sound of the guitar.You can also walk through the thrift shop, browse the ads in newspapers and on the internet or ask friends.Very often, a guitar sold at music schools and conservatories.Either way, you need to choose a guitar with a convenient on a long neck and a suitable size of the housing - nothing should interfere with the game.About strings - for a beginner is better suited nylon strings, because they are softer and less injure your fingers in comparison with iron.On nylon desirable to play with your fingers or fingernails, and iron - a mediator.

# 2

On the left hand, it is desirable to cut the nails, as long nails will prevent pinching the strings.On the right hand you can leave the nail on the big, index and middle

fingers, the sound of nails games more intense and bright.But if you have a habit of short nails - no need to be sad, for beginners the main thing - practice, rather than the length of the nail.Before each class need to tune your guitar, or the meaning of these lessons will not be much.Customize your guitar can be by means of the tuner.Tuners are portable, built-in guitar, it can be a program tuners or special sites for tuning your guitar.Customize your guitar using the latest easiest.This is what you need to do before you learn to play the guitar at home.

# 3

So how to quickly learn how to play the guitar at home will not work, you should be patient.You should start with setting hands on the fretboard.It is a good exercise for the right hand is a novice game listing of open (not pinched at the fret) strings.The first (the thickest) string is necessary to pull the thumb, forefinger fourth, fifth and sixth ring middle.You also need to climb up and over the strings.This exercise helps to develop motor skills at the beginner guitarist.There are several such brute force, they can be found by means of special self-help or instructional videos.After sorting out to do the simplest statement of the chord on the fretboard.Good luck!