How to go on maternity leave early?

How to go on maternity leave early?
You will need:
  • Leaf disability
  • Application form
# 1

Maternity leave is granted to a pregnant woman on the basis of a certificate of disability issued in the antenatal clinic.Very often women before to take maternity leave, the period of its provision and the ability to retire a little earlier.By law, maternity leave is granted to a pregnant woman in the period equal to thirty weeks.Lasts for this vacation exactly 140 days and after this period comes the paid leave to care for a child up to six years.

# 2

How to go on maternity leave earlier?Unfortunately, officially making it practically impossible, since the legislation of the Russian Federation clearly stated all the time.However, under certain circumstances, it is easily possible to make other putyami.Pervoe, what can be done in this case, to write a statement to the annual unused leave in the workplace.The employer is obliged to accept the application and grant leave just before the release of a woman on maternity leave, while a

ctually increasing maternity leave.You can also write and apply for unused time off, if any.

# 3

If before maternity leave is still some time and work have no strength, you can turn to the antenatal clinic and consult with your doctor about the advisability of getting sick leave and on how to extend the maternity leave.As a rule, doctors are going to compromise and give sick leave due to illness, if a woman is not feeling well and believes that the work may harm her baby and the future.But it is worth remembering that in this case, the payroll will depend on the time spent as in the calculation of the hospital.

# 4

Very often hear questions about how to issue a maternity leave law babushke.Po grandmother or any other family member may fill only a vacation and a half years for child care.He comes, as a rule 70 days after the birth of a baby.Upon reaching the age of the child and a half years before his execution three years, the woman also has the right to grant her leave, but unpaid.During all this period, the woman continues to be considered a full-fledged employee.And before you leave on maternity leave, lawyers are advised to think twice to exit from the decree are not left without a job and maintain seniority.