How to adapt to the child's Sadiku ?

How to adapt to the child
You will need:
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Adherence day
  • need for self
  • skills The ability of the child to communicate
  • Psychological preparedness
# 1

child must be taught to dress themselves andundress, for this he needs comfortable clothing with a minimum of fasteners.Pants or skirt let it be with an elastic band, it is more convenient to wear a blouse over her head, but you need to make sure that the gate was not too tight.Fasteners on the upper clothing is better let it be in the form of buttons, and on the shoe - in the form of Velcro, laces in the child is easily confused, and lightning to pinch your finger.

# 2

How to adapt to the child's Sadiku?Even before kindergarten visit First we need to teach a child to respect the close to one that will be with him in child care.It is necessary that the baby used to wake up, eat, and sleep in the same time - this will facilitate stress that in any case the child will experience in the future in unfamiliar surroundings among strangers.

# 3

To further facilitate the addiction of his child in an unfamiliar environment, you need to teach him basic skills - independently use a fork, a spoon, pot or toilet (depending on the age at which you plan to send their children to the garden)We need to get the child as much as possible on their own able to dress and undress correctly buttoning clothes and shoes.Of course, the teacher or the nurse in kindergarten will help children, but if the child really can not do anything himself, he will be very difficult without you.

# 4

ability to find a common language with other children - a very important skill.In order for your child to make it easier to adapt to the new environment, you need to teach him to communicate, make friends, to share, not to hurt other children.To do this, if you have family members with children about the same age as yours, you often invite them to visit, and a good way to be joint campaigns with a child on a playground, of course, if the kids, walking there in age are close toyour child.Never allow a child to hurt other children, explain that to be rude, greedy and even more so, to use force, - a very bad thing to be friends with their peers, share with them and play together.Adaptation of the child to be held Sadiku much easier and more fun if your child learn these basic things.

# 5

order not to tear the child away from you at once, you need to adapt it a little.In the early days bring a child into the garden for a short while, as far as possible stay with it themselves, gradually stay in the group needs to be increased, gradually bringing it up to a full day.As pick up your child from the group, be sure to ask how was your day, what they are doing with the children, discuss emerging issues in the child, consider disputes.Praise your child, if he behaved well, and give advice if something he is not, in any case, do not force it, and do not scold.Staff at the child institutions need to respond only good if something you do not like their behavior, it is necessary to discuss not with child, and to them personally.

# 6

And, of course, very important factor is the child's immune system.That he suffered as little as possible, must be tempered, eat right, do not deviate from the regime, and of course, take vitamins if necessary.When the first signs of the disease, a child must stay at home to first, not to undermine it is still fragile health, and secondly, not to jeopardize the rest of the kids.