How to brew chamomile for bathing the baby ?

How to brew chamomile for bathing the baby ?
You will need:
  • Boiled water
  • Chamomile flowers
  • Tray
  • Thermometer
# 1

Most parents protecting their newborn crumbs from colds, try to give him a variety of infusionsuseful herbs.The most dominating flower for baby can be considered as a daisy, which has anti-inflammatory effect, enhances cell regeneration, relaxes muscles, helps the child to get rid of various diseases.Useful and bath, which added chamomile broth.It helps to quickly heal sores, scratches and abrasions, which are available on grudnichka skin.Now, how to brew chamomile for baby swimming.

# 2

Bathe your baby in chamomile broth can be immediately after the healing of the umbilical wound.Before you do this, you need to check whether the child has an allergic reaction to this flower.To do this, prepare a little broth, to smear their leg or toddler handle and wait a bit.If thirty minutes on the skin does not have any redness, rash or peeling, grudnichka can safely bathe.Just do not forget that before you make a bath of ch

amomile, nakipyatit need water or even warm it up to 37 degrees Celsius.

# 3

also need to cook more of the broth and let it brew.The proper way to brew given at the end of the article.Here it is worth to say that one should take bath 30 grams of flowers.There is no need to add, as the high concentration can cause severe allergic reactions in crumbs.Bathe the child should be the first time for 5 minutes.Then you can gradually increase the time to 10-15 minutes bathing.Once a month, you need to arrange a break from swimming with the addition of herbs.

# 4

While bathing need to ensure that the baby is not swallowed water.Chamomile, of course, used for drinking, but not in such concentration.Mommy, who are interested in how to brew chamomile for infants, should also know that after bathing the child does not need to rinse with clean water.Also, when bathing in the bath camomile can not use soap or shampoo, or persuasion is not from the herbal treatments.In addition, we should not forget that the fresh scent of flowers will allow your child sleep through the night without waking, and their healing properties manifest themselves much better if imbibed in the children's skin.

# 5

If any mom knows what it looks like a daisy, you can give her such a description - a white flower with yellow pistil, publishing refined sweet flavor.In appearance, it resembles a daisy, but differs from it in color.Usually with the help of yet accepted guess "likes or dislikes."Finally, a few words about how infused chamomile.To do this an hour and a half or two need to fill up a large spoonful of flowers in an enamel or porcelain dishes, to add the liter of boiled water, pour the mixture into a thermos, let it brew.Then infusion of strain and pour into the tub.Water resulting from such actions is to acquire a slightly yellowish tint.