How to teach your child to say the letters ?

How to teach your child to say the letters ?
You will need:
  • Educational games
  • Table with alphabet
  • cards with letters
# 1

important point during rostalyubogo child is the fact that the very development of children protekaetpoin different ways, and in many respects it depends on the physiology and mental state.Some kids have two years to clearly pronounce osnovnyeslova many others - lisp something unintelligible, and in three years.Therefore, in each case requires individual approach, although there are common to all deteypravila training.So, how to teach the child to say the letters?

# 2

most important rules that must be followed precisely for the entire period of any kid from birth, it is clearly uttered parents.No syusyukany and Mangling speech, otherwise the result will not take long - baby will lisp to school, properly articulating sounds, especially deaf.Let the child does not speak even up to a year, but he understands everything, and gradually, hearing it loud and clear, even at the unconscious level of mind all repeat

s for adults.The question arises - how to teach a child to talk?First of all, you need to read a lot of kids and, viewing pictures, clearly pronounce - "this is a teddy bear," "it is a cat."A child with a great pleasure will repeat all sounds, and praise will be a great stimulus for such studies.Any classes on modeling of plasticine or clay, coloring crayons develops motor skills of hands, and, as a consequence of these activities, - developing and improving it.

# 3

How to teach a child to pronounce the letters?Speaking clearly and calmly, parents should repeat each word several times - so the kid will remember the words and sounds.In the normal mental development of the child two or three years longer able to perceive the alphabet.For training, there are many letters metodichek, but you can buy posters of letters by clicking on that finger noises, or color cards made of cardboard.It should be a poster to hang low, so that the baby could be approached independently.In addition, it is desirable to have the computer games developing character - for example, "Baba Yaga teaches letters" or "Luntik teaches letters" - and in a playful way to engage with your child."P" is a special difficulty in pronunciation caused hissing consonants and letter.Therefore, as soon as the baby begins to talk, you must immediately correct it at the wrong pronunciation.And if nothing happens in the parents and the child lisp, in this case without the help of a speech therapist, a doctor can not do.