How do the lessons from the first-grader ?

How do the lessons from the first-grader ?
You will need:
  • Paper sheets
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • School Supplies
# 1

When a child goes to the first class, there comes a difficult time in his life.His life changed very much to get used to it, it takes time.It is particularly difficult at this time for the child to do homework, because it is an innovation for him.The task of parents at this moment - to provide assistance and support in this difficult case.In order to solve the problem of how to do lessons with first-graders, you must comply with certain conditions in his daily routine.Upon returning from the child's school, you must first feed, then give him a little rest, well, after taking over the lessons.First you need to prepare everything for assignments, and only then begin to implement lessons.It should start doing homework from the complex to light as a complex subject easier to grasp in the beginning, when there are many forces.In addition, if a child is something he can not do, or he that does not understand, in this case necessari

ly have to help him.

# 2

important question when the child goes to the first class, is the problem, how to make a portfolio for a first grader, which will store all the work and achievements of the student.It is therefore important that the child is a good student, to have something to fill this portfolio.If the lessons of the decision in a child that something does not work, you must read aloud to him the task itself, while inserting your comments.In addition, it is necessary to do everything to bring the child to the correct solution of a particular job.

# 3

very important during the execution of tasks at home properly distribute time.This time should be given special attention, as well as how to choose the right backpack first-grader.A child should not have a few hours to be busy only lessons.If he takes a lot of time, you need to give him time for a break, so that he could begin to solve on the new silami.Takzhe important to reward the child for successfully performed zadanie.Tak it will have an incentive to solve the problem at home, and examples.For example, it is possible to agree in advance that if the child is to perform a specific task, then it is for him to give something tasty.Do not ignore this point, it really works.This action should be regarded not as a way to spoil the child, and quite serious point, along with the fact, for example, how to choose a backpack first-grader.

# 4

Sending a child to school, it is important to perform and the problem associated with the fact; how to teach first-graders to solve examples, because it is the most basic in the school curriculum.It is necessary to start with examples that will touch it.For example, you can mention them cartoon characters, or his favorite things.Also, in the solution of examples need to explain to the child the course of their decision, it must then tell it himself.Do your homework with your child should be interesting, to interest him in this matter.