How to teach a child to clean toys ?

How to teach a child to clean toys ?
You will need:
  • Toys
  • Bright pasted over box
  • player and CDs with your favorite music
# 1

All parents will be faced with a problem: how to teach your child to be sure to clean toysafter myself?Naturally, this is not the most basic skill of the child, but it is advisable, before he goes to kindergarten, to independently deal with the matter.

# 2

Why is it necessary - to teach children to accuracy?First, in each kindergarten is always forced to clean up after themselves, whether it's toys or shot before bed clothes.And if the baby is to be familiar with this house, then it will not cause the protest, please tutor about it to remove all of them.

# 3

Secondly, it is necessary to educate a child responsibility.And to do so we must begin in early childhood, from the time when the child learns to understand adult speech.Third, that there were no conflicts because of the scattered toys parents.

# 4

most opportune moment for how to teach a child to clean toys, is the period when a c

hild filled a half years.Well, if the toy cleaning will become a tradition in your family or a ritual before going to bed, walking or after classes.

# 5

Naturally, some of the rules, how to learn to clean up their toys, no, and each child has its own personality, that must be taken into account.The main thing to start to do everything in a playful way.Teach your toddler necessarily by example and keep all your things in order because this has all of the children repeat their parents.

# 6

Blow any with the baby, let the baby for the first time will take away just one thing, and all the rest - you, and so gradually increasing the number of items cleaned.Gradually, he himself will have to deal safely with this case.If the child does not clean toys, it is possible to come up with "greedy box" in which you fold every time that the child did not want to clean up.

# 7

obkleyte its beautiful, colorful, that it is only to hook the interest of the child.Assembled in the box scattered toys start to issue only when the baby still will gradually collect the scattered belongings.If he is very fond of music, it is possible to include it, to remove all the while playing his favorite tune.

# 8

If the kid likes to paint, you can invite him to first remove all toys on their seats, and then do his favorite thing.After each harvest praise your child for a job well done.Be patient, do not expect lightning fast results, and fun and provocatively daily together comprehend this knowledge and your child will grow up neat and obedient, but in your home will always reign love and respect.