How to get out of a maternity leave , if you do not expect ?

How to get out of a maternity leave , if you do not expect ?
You will need:
  • diligence
  • diligence
# 1

Maternity leave is granted to women for a certain period, which includes the period before and after childbirth.If you are planning a baby, then give a holiday for 70 days before and after childbirth.But if two or more children, then increased to 84 vacation days before birth and 110 days postpartum.Also, the woman is given paid annual leave.Which she can take both before birth and after them, even if you do not have enough time for this release.A woman has the right to leave to care for a child up to 1,5 or 3 years.a woman can not dismiss Prior to the expiration of this time.

# 2

How to get out of a maternity leave, if the kids are constantly sick, do not want to go to kindergarten?Employers are now not really want to see these workers who often go to the hospital, are absent from work because of children.Often such mothers have to go back on vacation child care.To prepare for the exit of maternity leave, it is necessary to find out from colle

agues what has changed in that time.Learn how to respond to colleagues return.After that you can mentally prepare for the difficulties that may be expected on his return.You should also find out in advance which expect new duties at the moment.If they have changed, a woman can be found at home with them.

# 3

When leaving for work because of the decree woman experiences a lot of stress.Do not show this to work.It is necessary to pretend that all is well, the matter of the dispute.With colleagues and superiors need to be polite and gracious.If the return is no one like you do not need to despair and upset.Above her head.No need to pay attention to these people, and you just have to do a good job.It should be less distracted, more than to try to do the job better.Such zeal will soon notice exactly boss.Home after the decree - to show the desire and the desire to work.

# 4

In our time, how paid maternity leave, everyone knows.If a woman had a small salary, then it will pay to the minimum amount of the child.At the allowance for child care in 200 rubles, you can just live a day, and it paid once a month.Because of this, many mothers go to work immediately after maternity leave and child given in a manger.If she was on maternity leave, but this time her salary is reduced, it is necessary to apply to the settlement department of the company and learn how to calculate maternity leave at the moment.

# 5

Some moms still manage to find ways on how to earn extra money on maternity leave.Fantasy in these women developed.They have the time, as they plan it correctly.They deal with your child and make money.Some are beginning to do some crafts with their hands.Now people are willing to pay big money for the "exclusive".These moms will not be wasted.Often they are dismissed themselves and continue to work on themselves.Before you go to work, you need to pay as much attention to your child and family.After so much time then the woman will not be.