How to teach a child not to be afraid of injections ?

How to teach a child not to be afraid of injections ?
You will need:
  • Children's kit
  • Dolls
  • Patience
# 1

Probably every child is a child is afraid of injections.When a child is still a baby, he probably put the vaccinations, so kids from early childhood postponed unpleasant emotions.At older ages, virtually every child is afraid to go to another shot.

# 2

Many people familiar with the situation when the regular vaccination or it is necessary to take a blood test, and even talk about it with the child hard - he is afraid of injections.How to cope with this fear and explain that this enforced procedure takes only a few seconds?

# 3

preparation for injection carrying the child should start from the beginning of communication with him.That is, what relation to doctors and injections you lay the baby initially, at the stage of the first vaccinations or injections of tolerable disease.If a child is afraid of injections, then the appearance of such a need the crumbs toddlers try to explain to him that now is a good aunt will make it easy

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# 4

And with a child older Play the following situation in advance, before it occurs in real life.Play around with it at the doctor and the patient, make homemade toys injections, inspect their neck, write prescriptions and prescribe treatment.Or tell that prick - it's just a bite of the midge, which is practically not noticeable.Assure that during the procedure you will be close to the baby and protect him in every way.

# 5

If even after long persuasion and explanation for the child completely abandons the injection, it is to offer him then go to the store and buy the toy he wants.Usually, after such a promise to a child overpower yourself and give to him, finally made an injection.Do not worry about how to teach the child not afraid of injections.Typically, with age, this fear passes.Try never to frighten the child injections or doctors.

# 6

Never shame your child for fear of him, because he is waiting on you is not as reaction to their fears.He's waiting for you to understand and support.Especially when there is an unpleasant procedure to the clinic at strangers.But remember, that still should not give injections a child, especially if he is afraid of them without much need for it.There is no need once again traumatize the child's mind, and it will be better with your pediatrician to find a decent and effective alternative to injections.