How to help a first-grader at school?

How to help a first-grader at school?
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# 1

fathers and mothers attention in the first year of study is especially important for children.Despite the great joy, on the shoulders of parents of first-grader goes to considerable liability.Of course, it would be desirable that the child learned to "excellent".; It's no secret that some parents try to realize their own ambitions, using the children.Overestimating demand, they prevent the first-graders, make them insecure, holding back their development.It is therefore important question of how to help a first grader, not doing the work for the child.

# 2

At first, the need to accompany the child to school and pick him out, despite the fact that the place of study is within easy reach.Do not assume the role of teacher and download moralizing, the child has already experienced a lot of stress and adaptation to an unfamiliar environment will not happen immediately.After school should carefully listen to all that happened in the first-grader in a

day.Excellent recommendations how to do it gives the modern Russian psychologist Julia Gippenreiter.; Before entering school parents certainly learned how to fill out a portfolio first-grader.In it the child with the help of adults have written about all their achievements and successes.

# 3

first brick in the foundation already laid.Parents do not have to declare their love and mark the kid somehow connected.; It is better not to ask about the estimates, and ask what the child has learned interesting.In no case can not be discussed with the teachers of their children.It is the parents can take care of school supplies and clothes for convenient.For example, if the child is not able to tie shoelaces, you can buy shoes with Velcro.

# 4

pondering how to choose a portfolio for the first-graders need to pay attention not to the brightness and fashion, and the convenience for the student.Portfolio and a certificate in the distant future will help the student determine the profile training.; Addressing the issue of how to make a portfolio of first-graders, parents had to listen to the recommendations of the school.Even if the child learns slowly, do not rush it, after all, learn everything.The most important thing for parents - know that their excessive anxiety and worry do not do any good.

# 5

Thinking about how to teach a first grader to read, parents should be aware that improperly applied techniques can cause a child's hyperactivity and irritability.Only unfeigned interest of parents in the school work of their children, a positive attitude towards success and quiet - to potential difficulties will be able to help a little first-graders.