How to give the yolk 6 monthly child ?

How to give the yolk 6 monthly child ?
You will need:
  • Egg yolk
  • chicken egg yolk quail
# 1

At six months of age can begin to give the baby a little yolk.At this point in the life of the child is required to come with great responsibility.Before giving the yolk 6 months of the child, it is necessary to know which eggs are suitable for this purpose.It is not advisable to give the baby-store eggs, because it is not known what the chickens received feed on poultry farms.Just on farms often yield chickens antibiotics, why give such eggs to children is extremely undesirable.It is best to buy eggs at people market.In its economy, people are not likely to be harmful to stuff the chicken preparations.But even homemade eggs need to boil, because the risk of salmonellosis remains.Giving a child a six-month raw egg yolk, it is possible only if there is his farm and all the chickens were tested veterinarian.

# 2

chicken yolk contains many useful substances and vitamins child.The composition includes not only the yolk vitamins A and D,

but also proteins, phosphorus, fats, potassium and calcium.Before giving your child the yolk, it should be sure to boil.Enter the yolk in the diet of the child, should be gradual.Please give only a quarter of the cooked yolk.Then carefully watch the child does not appear are any lesions, whether the child did not feel worse.It is known that a chicken egg yolk can cause an allergic reaction in a small child.If anything this is not observed, the next portion of the yolk can be given only after a week.Increasing the portion of the yolk should be gradually up to a year, a maximum of half of the yolk.

# 3

itself yolk dryish, and the child is difficult to swallow it, so the yolk should be something to dissolve.It is best to plant yolk breast milk or boiled some water.It is also very good to add the boiled yolk in soups, cereals, various pureed vegetables or mix it with cheese.Giving yolk six-month child, it is best in the morning.Instead of chicken egg yolks, better use of quail.They can be given to children, even raw.Quail chicken egg yolks is much more useful, they are much more vitamins and minerals.Quails have a body temperature of forty-two degrees, they do not get sick with salmonellosis, therefore, there is no risk to be ill with the disease.And the biggest advantage of quail yolks before the chicken, is that they do not cause allergies.

# 4

After the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station, doctors and nutritionists special children's menu was designed exported from the disaster zone.From that moment, we began to introduce quail eggs in the diet of small children.After all, studies have shown that children not only had no allergies to the eggs, and improved overall health.Many children underwent cardiac pain, dizziness.It turned out that the quail eggs are able to output radiation from the human body.When there is nothing better diathesis quail eggs, they can be used without any fear cause allergies in the child.One quail egg contains five times more vitamins and nutrients than one egg.And buy quail eggs right now is not a problem, they are sold in any supermarket.

# 5

It should be noted that the cooked yolk quail egg loses most of its beneficial qualities.That is why the yolk to give a child better raw.But not every mom to this venture.So what to give egg yolk, chicken or quail, must be addressed individually.Although it is believed that quail yolk does not cause allergies, but still people are very different.And that is good one, may not work for another.So that when administered in the diet of quail egg yolks, one must just remain vigilant.And be sure to continue to monitor the state of health baby.We can say with confidence that useful as chicken and quail eggs.What is preferable, must deal with every mother herself.Preferably on this topic consult a physician observing the child.

# 6

Young mothers are often concerned about how often you can make a six-month baby yolk.Initially (when no allergic reaction), give a quarter yolk once a week.A month later, gradually increase the dose, give a quarter of a chicken or quail yolk twice a week.If no allergies and worsening state of health does not happen, then after two months it is allowed to increase the dose.Give half a chicken or a quail yolk twice a week.Very good mix of raw quail egg yolk with the cream cheese, clover, vegetable puree.You can alternate between the reception of raw quail egg yolk with the use of boiled egg yolk.Also, it is desirable to give once boiled chicken egg yolk, then boiled quail.For example, on Tuesday to give raw quail egg yolk, and on Friday - Chicken.

# 7

Every mother must herself determine how many times, how and with what, give chicken or quail yolk to your child.But what is to be done by all means, not subject to any doubt.After all, every mother wants to see her child healthy and developing normally.That is why it is very important to get a versatile nutrition for the baby.This will help him to grow strong and healthy child, and what could be more valuable for anyone loving his child's mother.