How to teach your child to say the game with a baby

How to teach your child to say the game with a baby
You will need:
  • Books
  • Candles
  • Puppet Theatre
  • Alphabet
# 1

Speech development of the baby depends largely on the ability of his parents to learn.If the child already knows how to tell poems, sing songs, babbling about the events that happened to him, it is usually in the 2-3 years it still sounded slurred and a stranger is difficult to guess what was going on.But if such a speech at the 5-6-year-old child, then it is a deviation from the norm.

# 2

In such cases it is necessary to seek help from a speech therapist, who will teach the baby correctly pronounce the letters.Teaching literature, which will help in how to teach a child to speak correctly, to date, the mass in bookstores.Therefore, parents should not shift everything on the shoulders of a speech therapist, but also to engage in learning the correct pronunciation of sounds.

# 3

But easier to teach a child to a regular reading, during which certainly try speaking problem sounds.Parents and depends on many things before

to teach the child to say, the game for the development of speech, too, is carried out.In infancy it is necessary not only to feed and put to bed the child, but also to talk to him, namely, to repeat the sounds uttered by him.

# 4

At the age of five to eight months of the baby like laughing out loud and melodious babble.They imitate adult speech, and it should be used during the games.For example, an adult holding a child standing in front of a mirror and hamming, sticks out his tongue, licking the upper lip or mouth pulls into a tube.Over time, the baby starts to repeat all the movements of the parent.

# 5

Play with your baby in the car or horse, repeating the sounds they make.The perfect game for setting the vocal apparatus - this is a game, "Koo-Koo!".In games with an older baby need to eat more frequently cries of animals.Play in the puppet theater, where necessary, in addition to the words, and to use more simulation and intonation.To exercise the lips is very useful to blow out the candles.

# 6

How to teach a child to speak the letters?This issue is of concern almost all parents.Before, teaching your child letters, is to teach him to speak first.For this has always been important and have fellowship parents with a toddler.He needs to constantly ask questions and be sure to wait for an answer.