We explain how to collect the arena

We explain how to collect the arena
You will need:
  • Arena
  • Sleight of Hand
# 1

Some parents believe that arena just limit the child's freedom.In fact, far from it.In a certain period of time the child playpen creates individual territory where he can play, have fun and fall on the cushions, without causing harm to themselves.This guide will help parents answer their questions, how to build the arena.

# 2

From the beginning, all you need to undo the Velcro on the arena and take off his mattress.Usually, the main castle arena is always in a locked state.In order to take his unit to find the arrow and turn the castle (about 50 cm) in her direction.To fully understand how to build an arena bed, you need to find all the locks and lift them to the top of each frame.

# 3

After the direct preparation of the arena to the assembly already done, lift the top of the frame, starting with the long sides.Once the top of the arena were raised to the desired height, simultaneously press the buttons on the handrails, in order to unl

ock them.The same principle should also compile and short sides of the arena.

# 4

To legs and frame of the arena stood firm and did not move, you need to raise it a central hub and folded legs inside.Next you need to wrap the mattress around the arena.The mattress needs to be fixed.To do this, pass through the plastic rings Velcro and fix them, after pulling hard.

# 5

Bag - portability to be inserted on top of the arena and see to it that there were no difficulties to access the main handle.Arena can be easily carried in any convenient place.To do so will only close the zipper on it.In total, the arena is already assembled, but it is necessary to check how firmly fixed all the details.Moreover, the exact assembly verification will help with how to make their own arena.

# 6

strength of fixing parts need to be sure that if a child suddenly falls on the wall of the arena, he will be able to hold him back.Otherwise arena may just fall apart, and the child is injured.Be sure to regularly wipe the dust on the arena and wash it.This is not only important for the child's health, but also for the clutch parts fortress as dust particles can interfere with accurate mounting.

# 7

But there are also cots with another addition method.If the playpen with horizontal addition, it is necessary to detach it from the bottom of the vertical legs and lower them on the upper frame.But the most convenient playpens those that develop on the principle of "the book".They are not only compact, but also do not have much difficulty in assembling.All you need for assembly - simply reveal the arena and put it podushki.Chtoby understand how to choose a playpen in the store, you need to determine the order which model I would like to purchase.When purchasing be sure to check the serviceability of all fixtures and completeness of the elements of the arena.