Safety regulations on the Internet for parents

Safety regulations on the Internet for parents
You will need:
  • Love child
  • Care
  • Discretion
  • Patience
# 1

Unfortunately, although children may well versed in how to use computers, butthey are not aware of the dangers that can lurk in chat rooms and other malicious services.That's why parents need to take the initiative itself in this matter.Using the Internet requires cooperation, common sense and a good understanding of the dangers that lurk on the World Wide Web.

# 2

Computers connected to the Internet, should be placed in the center of the apartment, and not in the child's room.This will allow better control of its activities.Never allow children to use the Internet unsupervised.

# 3

View social networking sites such as Facebook and the YouTube, should be carefully monitored.Take the time to read what others write in your child's profile.You must also have access to e-mail your child's account and do spot checks to see who is listed in his contacts.

# 4

Teach your children safe on the Internet.Make sure that they un

derstand a simple thing: never have to give any personal information over the Internet.Also make sure that the child understands to meet with someone from virtual friends without permission - it is impossible!It is also forbidden to upload pictures or other data from unknown sources.

# 5

Encourage your children to tell you about any strange or unusual messages that they encounter on the Internet.Fear of punishment is the main limiting factor for such communication.So make sure that your child will not be punished for disclosing this information.

# 6

Credit cards and mobile phones can also help you monitor what your child is doing online.Watch out for the unauthorized use of your credit card.Browse numbers of incoming calls to the phone of your child, or home phone.Check those numbers that are unfamiliar to you.

# 7

monitoring Internet use your child is not a violation of the inviolability of his private life than the observation of his behavior at the mall.Be careful!