How to select a program for a first grader ?

How to select a program for a first grader ?
You will need:
  • spoken kinds of educational programs for first-graders
  • Knowing that specifically involves
  • each program Observations or psychologist conclusions
# 1

So all the parents whose childrengoing to go in the first class are wondering how to select a program for a first grader.From the right choice will depend on how the child will succeed in school, what will be its knowledge, and how easy it would be to take the pupil material.If in Soviet times, all went on the same program, the same for all, today there are many software options, which are based on the views of different authors to study.

# 2

Why program selection is so important for the future of the student?This issue is probably even more important than how to teach first-graders to solve problems.Because, if you choose not suitable for a particular child's educational program, we run the risk of making it difficult and painful training, certain requirements of teachers can not meet the child's abilities and hidden ta

lents first-grader may never be revealed.The most important thing here is deeply aware of their child and his inclinations, and in accordance with their chosen program.

# 3

Russian Ministry of Education offers 7 types of primary school education programs.This is much more serious than the question of how to choose a chair for a first grader.There are some kinds of programs: regular curriculum for all, the program is developing according Zankova at Elkonin system software - Davidov, the program "School 2000-2100" logic, gentle program "Elementary School of the 21st century", the program "Prospective Elementary School" and the programHarmony.

# 4

The primary objectives of the development of these programs is the issue of how to help a first grader to learn well and develop his talents and abilities.It is no secret that the creative person will be difficult to learn in math class, and the child with an analytical mind - paint a picture, for example.To select the best program you can turn to a psychologist, who is in many schools.These psychologists conduct deeper testing of the future first-graders and recommend which program will suit him as much as possible.

# 5

If the child did not go to kindergarten, it is better to give it to the school for special training courses.Among other things, it will tell you how to teach first-graders to write competently.