How to help your child overcome their fear of dogs ?

How to help your child overcome their fear of dogs ?
You will need:
  • Toys in the form of puppies
  • Images puppies
  • Cartoons about dogs
# 1

No child in the world is born with fears, they are acquired with age,when the baby is already in many ways mimics the behavior of their parents.If the mother shudders every time to see the dog, then, of course, and the child will not be pleased to meet with the animal.Of course, all the different dogs.One is good-natured and cheerful character, the other - rude and aggressive.However, not all children are equally fond of animals.

# 2

happens that at a meeting with the dog the child begins to be filled with tears and tries to hide behind his mother, even if the dog did not bark, and did not show any aggression.Parents in such cases can not be forced to sum up the child to the dog and to show what it is really good.So you can only do harm.

# 3

Up to 3 years, the child is afraid of dogs exclusively due to unexpected sudden sounds that emit animals, that is barking.So it develops a sense of fear, wh

ich can only get worse with time, if time does not take action.Any fear that is formed in childhood, keeps us in adult life, so it is necessary to help the crumbs to avoid problems in the future.

# 4

to stop child afraid of dogs, parents have to make an effort and patience.To start playing with toy puppies, look at the pictures, says that puppies grow and become big dogs.They should not be afraid, but you need to be careful at all times.

# 5

child it is important to be sure to explain that biting and barking dogs just because they themselves are afraid that they will offend.So do not cry, waving his arms in front of the dog and generally behave kindly to him.Do not approach a dog when it is eating.How to help your child overcome their fear of dogs?

# 6

To reduce child in a pet shop, let him look at the animals.Let him see that the animals are not only growling and barking, but sleep, eat and play.Tell us what a dog can be controlled and that there are special teams.If possible, reduce it to the dog show him to see it live.

# 7

Introduce a child with a friendly dog, but first do not make crumbs stroking her time will come and he wants to pat the baby fluffy miracle.Make it clear to the child that the person for each dog, but also to convince the child that is safe, too, can not all dogs.If no measures have not helped, and nothing in the behavior of crumbs did not change, you should consult with the crumbs to a child psychologist or therapist.