How to hold the baby after feeding ?

You will need:
  • Kid
  • Hands Mom
# 1

child who just recently came to light, is vulnerable and fragile.During this period it is very important to keep the newborn baby after feeding correctly, that he was the most safe and comfortable.Due to the digestive system of young children can often after feeding burp.But in order to avoid contamination of the food supply in the respiratory tract is important to keep your child "column" or the so-called upright.Also, when feeding grudnichka mother must be considered, and many other key nuances.It should be remembered that the correct position of a newborn is very beneficial effect on the formation of the spine.

# 2

When a newborn starts to eat and stay awake for 15 minutes to keep it in an upright position, with one hand should support his legs, and the second - back and neck.It is also important to see to it that his head was at the level of the parent's shoulder and touched him.Even if the mother understands how to hold the baby after feeding in

order to not constantly change clothes, you should take care of their own security.You can put this on the shoulder of a small towel or napkin.No one knows whether the child spit up or not, but you need to be safe in any case.

# 3

Most little kids start to have to stay awake during feeding.This is an important sign of swallowing air along with the meal, which begins to inflate ventricle child and cause enough discomfort.Therefore, as soon as the baby is cranky, squirm, waving hands and removed from the breast, the baby should be held vertically to the point until it otrygnet air.Then you can continue to breastfeed even if the baby is not until full.In our time mothers are not aware of many important rules to use when breastfeeding.And that's bad.

# 4

studying how to hold the baby after feeding column you need to know a few more moments.Supporting after feeding the baby in an upright position, he has a chance to burp the air and show concern for strengthening their back muscles.Keep the child column is not difficult, it is important in this exercise carefully and sensibly.Smooth movement need to bring the newborn to face him so that his body was upright, his head lying on your shoulder.The load must be distributed evenly along the whole body.Position column helps reduce the suffering of a child in the process of intestinal colic.When a baby with her mother pressed the tummy to tummy, then the child feels the mother's warmth and then the pain becomes less.

# 5

should also pay attention to the fact that until the toddler is not able to sit on their own, it is not necessary after feeding to keep his hand under his ass, and you need to press to her ass.In the situation where the baby is vertical, but it should be back to my mother with one hand to support the child's chest and the other hand to place at the bottom between the legs and tummy support.Parents should remember that a child is wearing after feeding is allowed, starting from the third month.Previously it prohibited so wear toddler because it affects its development, its security.Up to 3-yoh months baby is advisable to keep upright, but the face-to-mom.By learning how to hold the baby can hold the baby and two hands and one, too.

# 6

For moms when holding "column" is important not to press on the baby, do not use force.Everything must be done quite easily and without pressing.This toddler bent legs should not be, if it is not specifically trying to do.Such a process, posture like "bar" is not only a positive effect on the improvement of the digestive process of a newborn baby, but also helps to lull and soothe baby.Due to the provisions of the "column" in infants begin to form skills of independent support for the head.

# 7

Wear baby in an upright position facing the mother and necessary in order to relieve the tension toddler legs, help in the development of the hip joints.Parents should remember that in the first year of life until the baby can not even stand himself, he fully envy them.Only mom and dad can take his pen, diarrhea, move.And such action in the first 12 months of life are obliged to submit to his age and physiological needs.Position "column" at this time is one of the most important.For this reason, it is important to be able to properly parents, not limited in actions to keep the baby in this position.Then the baby will feel comfort and safety, care and tenderness.