How to Entertain a month-old baby : tips

How to Entertain a month-old baby : tips
You will need:
  • Rattles Toys
  • Visits
# 1

When the baby is born, it becomes a new member of the family.Now there are numerous parents care: feeding, fly, to lull the baby.In the first month of its life the baby sleeps most of the time, waking up only when really very hungry.However, as time passes, while awake baby is gradually increasing and now there is a new concern for parents, amuse your toddler.

# 2

How to entertain month old baby?In the month of the child wakes up only of interest to the world.It can be considered a long time interested in his subject.The kid starts to drive for moving the eyes in the face of the subject.Therefore, parents should be dealt often with your child and show him at a distance of 50 centimeters from the face bright rattles.But most of all he is interested in human faces.The child will listen with enthusiasm to the other party, to closely monitor the facial expressions of his face and listen to the tone of voice.Therefore, parents should always talk t

o the kid, telling him nursery rhymes, sing songs.

# 3

How to entertain children during their waking hours?Toys are very important to a child's development.The first toys should be made of different materials, because in the first months of life, the child learns through tactile sensation.Tiny like all touch, taste.Also important lesson - a joint sports with the baby.Straightening and bending his arms and nozhkki, Mom, not only strengthens the muscles of the baby, but also gives him his touch, and thus establishes a close contact with the baby.

# 4

There was a long-awaited summer, and parents might wonder how to entertain children during the summer.Fresh air for the child is extremely important, because the baby's fragile body needs oxygen increased.Running, walking can be very long.Outdoors, you can spend almost the whole day with the baby.If you can go to the sea, you should definitely take advantage of it.The sea air very useful for the child's body, because it contains large amounts of iodine.Also, babies just need the sun's rays, which nourishes the skin with vitamin D and prevent rickets develop child.

# 5

year passed quickly, and already it is necessary to pick up new hobbies for her year-old baby.How to entertain a child in a year ?.Child Hobbies radically changed, because now he can walk and even run.The talent of the great explorer appears in full force, and the kid just need to climb round all the corners and inaccessible places in the apartment.If the mother does not want the contents of all cabinets in the apartment were turned inside out, you should set aside some one place where the kid can do anything you wish.Do not forbid him to fully research, since knowledge of the world make it possible to develop the right mentality baby.