How to read fairy tales to children with the greatest pleasure?

How to read fairy tales to children with the greatest pleasure?
You will need:
  • Tale
  • Fantasy
# 1

Tales included in a person's life for a long time - they are a symbol of the people's wisdom and the element of education, not only do they form the moral principles,but also to teach a child to believe the best, optimistic look at the world.In any fairy tale simple and mundane objects are magic, and good triumphs over evil.Tales perfectly develops imagination, instruct in the art, form the speech and logical thinking.Many parents are wondering how to read fairy tales for children, even if the kids can not long listen to anything.This usually happens with crumbs of two to three years.

# 2

We must choose his short tales and be sure to show your baby pictures.You can not force a child.If you can not inspire him, it is better to wait for some time and find the right moment.It is important that the child was calm and he wanted to hear, as he read the book.We need to think about how your child retell a story to interest him.An adult can learn a little fabl

e, and narrate it to your child with expression.It is necessary to draw illustrations, to arrange a home puppet theater.Through time, it is necessary to ask the kid, so he helped, even tells favorite fairy tale together with mom or dad.

# 3

No need to overload the child a lot of information, it is important to bring the joy of fairy tales.When the favorite fairy tale told to the end, the children have questions.Perhaps responding to the kid, Mom will think how to continue the tale.The child believes in the authority of the mother and thinks she knows everything.Sometimes a complete fairy tale once differently imperative.

# 4

Many stories can not seriously disappoint a child with a bad or terrible end.In this case it is necessary to come up with tales of the good, the positive end.You can think of it, how to write a children's story.Scarce would be very nice if it would be a hero, or he is very similar to the baby.

# 5

With tales mother will bring up your child using the positive qualities, trying to send it.For example, it can cause crumbs to look after themselves, telling a story about a boy who is not washed, and for this he had bewitched evil witch.The tale should end in a kind way.If the mother does not know how to start a story, let take advantage of folk wisdom.How to begin a fairy tale?"On the street Grape, in a small town, they lived a mother and her son Peter.And then one day ... ".The story told by his mother, remembered for a long time, it is for the child - the largest gift of a lifetime.