How to make maternity leave grandmother ?

How to make maternity leave grandmother ?
You will need:
  • birth certificate
  • certificate of employment of parents of the child care leave non-use
  • medical certificate on the state of health of the mother
  • information about z /
# 1

often in a family that occurs, when neither mom nor dad are not to care for their newborn baby.And who in this moment can come to their aid?Of course, the grandmother or other relative.Although whoever is caring for the child, laid maternity leave and pay.To take advantage of this opportunity you must know how to make maternity leave grandmother.

# 2

The first step is to notify the manager, write him an application.But to solve the problem about how to go on maternity leave, one application will not be enough.It should also be present and the documents that will confirm that the employee is really going to carry out child care.In addition, the statement clearly indicates the period during which it is planned to carry out maintenance.At the same time, be aware that there may be two kinds of leave, p

aid - up to 1.5 years, and unpaid - up to 3 years.Applications for each of the types of leave are written separately.

# 3

As for the documents, it is necessary that the parents from their places of work have a certificate that they do not enjoy the holiday types.You also need to present a birth certificate.In that case, if the mother is not the first child, then provided a birth certificate for all children.If the reason that the mother can not provide care, is a disease, the need to provide and the corresponding certificate.All these conditions must be respected, even if the question is solved, how to extend the maternity leave, but it will need to provide information about who is being cared for before and for what period.

# 4

submitting an application to the employer, you should know that it does not have the right to refuse, no matter what form of ownership in his organization.It is important to draw attention to the fact that if Grandma does not work in the same organization, such statements are written on her all those companies, for which it is attached, as an employee.It is important to keep in mind when such a situation arises, how to take maternity leave, that the payment of benefits is put only on one of the jobs, but the statement of earnings for the 2 years are taken from all the organizations, which during this time my grandmother had income.

# 5

decision to head the organization at the fact that her grandmother granted leave to care for a small child, is published in the form of the corresponding order.It should know that during such leave grandmother can easily solve the question of how to leave on maternity leave, if it is necessary.However, the benefit paid by the employer after the dismissal will be gone.