How to resign from the Ministry of Internal Affairs : the order of dismissal

How to resign from the Ministry of Internal Affairs : the order of dismissal
You will need:
  • law "On Police"
  • letter of resignation
# 1

Meanwhile, there are also many who want to leave the service in the police.The reasons may be different: for health reasons, to achieve the maximum age (pensions), the transition to another job.Sometimes a layoff due to difficulties as required to reimburse the cost of employee training.Or the service termination may be due to the negative outcome of the assessment.But, in any case, every employee needs to know how to resign from the Ministry of Internal Affairs on legal grounds.

# 2

known that every cop enters into a contract with the Ministry of Interior for a specified period.If you wish, you can leave before the expiry of the document.To do this, the police have to write a report 30 days before the intended date of dismissal.By the way, during this period the employee has the right to collect your report.If the report is not withdrawn, the authorities shall issue the order for dismissal.Vacancy is released and the new appl

icant will explain how to pass the polygraph in the Interior Ministry and collect other documents.

# 3

If the employee is willing to police work, then report back to him.In this case, the contract shall be prolonged for the same conditions.Until the issue of the dismissal order, police have shown weapons and other office belongings.With the order of dismissal of the employee know personally against signature.On the same day it made a cash payment.New staff member at the reception of documents will be discussed on how to pass the Ministry of Interior CPD successfully.

# 4

not always firing takes place at the request of police.In the event of any violation of labor discipline or the commission of a disciplinary offense, management can begin to fire.First held service check.It should be the objective.Based on its results, make a determination on the punishment.The most serious - dismissal.Before the expiration of 2 months, the employee should be dismissed.Most likely, he will not need information on how to enroll in the school of the Ministry of Interior, and under what conditions.

# 5

With the order for the dismissal of the employee personally acquainted.On the same day issued wage arrears.Some police after some time, they want to return to service.On advice from lawyers sometimes there are issues such as restored in the Interior Ministry, and in what order.The term "recovery" is only suitable for cases of wrongful dismissal and subsequent litigation.In these cases, it is reduced.If the employee resigned at his own request and wants to go back to work, he will have to go through the whole recruitment process from the very beginning: the commission, testing, etc.