What is Russia's most reliable car ?

What is Russia
You will need:
  • trains on each car personally
  • Ask opinion from experienced car owners
  • Get full diagnosis on the SRT
  • Make your choice
# 1

Russian car industry has alwaysHe was a legend.About his car went thousands of anecdotes and jokes, however, all this is not because of the people of disgust.In fact, all the cars VAZ became popular, people they loved and valued, and that they have become not just a means of transportation, but also the whole cult.Not many people know that most models are still the Soviet period were equipped with right-hand drive and were exported to European countries, which were also very popular.

# 2

So do not be too soon to write them off, especially since the last VAZ classical models left the assembly line is not too long ago.Of course, now the most reliable Russian car does not look like a piece of iron roughest, but still makes all the irony.VASE The problem is that it produces very cheap by world standards cars, and for the money buyers want almost Mer

cedes.Miracles do not happen, and the car will not be anything more than that for which you have paid.

# 3

good news is that VAZ designers went to a new, modern way, and is now producing cars in a variety of body styles, more or less similar to modern.But the build quality is lame, despite the fact that the plant's management is trying to deal with it.Almost all Group vehicles is not very reliable, but they could not drive hundreds of thousands when careful operation.

# 4

An example of this is the old, but still living penny to romp on our roads on a par with foreign cars.Which car is the most reliable - a complex question.I have made a choice in favor of newer models of Lada, but on parts classics more and they are cheaper.

# 5

If you need a car to work - take that newer, can not go wrong.But the soul can take VAZik old, and slowly restore it to perfect condition - that it is a machine that is always a matter of respect and honor in the stream.Any technique appreciates when her well-groomed.And in your power to journey without breakage on the vase, but do not go to the service station on the foreign car.