How to drain the gasoline from the car ?

How to drain the gasoline from the car ?
You will need:
  • pump, transparent tube
  • compressor, a large enema
  • Toolbox
  • capacity for gasoline
# 1

In motorists life there are different situations (flooded with poor qualityfuel, pour it into another machine, etc.), the question arises in these cases, as the drain gasoline from the car.There are several ways to do the job, especially in the old-style machines.One way is taken transparent tube on one of its ends is fixed counterweight (nut with fitting the diameter of the hose) and pear.

# 2

tube with counterweight is inserted into the fuel tank through the neck, it is immersed pear with the air let out, his fingers slowly unclenched on pear, fuel begins to flow into the tube.Bend pipe and disconnect the bulb.Drop tube below the level of the fuel tank and straighten it, drain the fuel begins.

# 3

in modern vehicles is not provided constructive method described above the sink because that is mesh, the valve on the tilting case, and the neck is narrow and winding.Drain the fue

l through the fuel filler flap is simply unrealistic.Drain plug is also not provided in the tank.In this case, fuel may be selected by a fuel pump.

# 4

To do this, disconnect all sources of consumption, and a voltage is applied to the fuel pump.fuel supply line to the motor is disconnected and the ramp with an additional hose directed in the prepared container.The process from the security point of view, quite dangerous, so they can take advantage of a critical situation, just knowing people.

# 5

How to drain the gasoline from the machine can understand, if you tilt the rear passenger seat.This method consists in dismantling the fuel pump.Remove the plastic plug, disconnect the power supply from the fuel pump.Carefully disconnect the fuel so as not to mix them to remember, and it is better to mark which of them feed, and which outlet.Disconnect the plastic ring and take out the pump, through the opening can be evacuated, fuel.The danger of this method lies in the fact that nearby there is gasoline, or rather its pair, ie. E. There should be no open flame.

# 6

At this gasoline draining method of rear seat removed.It opens access to the fuel line.Find the feed gasoline pipe by pushing it separates, joins him a transparent tube and lower it into the neck of the cans.We connect the compressor to the gas tank tube Air Release (located in the neck).The air pressure generated by the compressor, replace the fuel from the tank.