How to store winter tires?

How to store winter tires?
You will need:
  • Winter tires
  • Special composition for treatment
  • Sealed plastic bags
  • Storage room for
  • Thermometer
# 1

order your winter tires were able to survive untilnext season and it does not lose its performance characteristics, it is necessary to create conditions for this, in which the rubber will not collapse and deform.After removing the wheels need to be prepared.Preparation involves thorough cleaning and removal of the entire tire in the form of foreign object surface stones, sand and others.Then the rubber is dried and treated with a special compound.

# 2

After all these procedures prepared winter tires are packed in a sealed plastic bag.Remember, each tire should be packed separately from the other.Due to this, a constant microclimate created during storage.To know how to store the winter tires you have to decide in advance whether you will keep them together or separately with the discs.If you intend to keep the wheels with the discs, the sealing will only hurt, the

n there will continually be formed condensate that will eventually lead to corrosion drives.

# 3

temperature in the room where you will store the tires, should be continuous and not exceed twenty-five degrees.The ideal temperature is between twenty and twenty-five degrees.Humidity is also important and should be from about 50% to 60%.Remember that any heaters that are at a distance of less than a meter to winter tires, ruin her forever.

# 4

The room in which to store the winter tires should be removed from the penetration of the sun and moisture, that is used as a storage space for the balcony, street or metal garage - it is unacceptable.To know how to properly store the tires, you need to pre-assemble all the necessary information in this regard.For example, it is very important to control the temperature and humidity, for this is to use a thermometer and a hygrometer.

# 5

place for the winter tires is better to choose a clean and dry basement.If you do not have the room, use the special services of companies that provide storage space.In such companies, to abide scrupulously by the air temperature and humidity, and in addition you can make room in your home or garage.Usually, the winter tires stored stacked or hung on the wall, but if the tires are stored without having to drive, then put them on each other is not recommended due to possible deformation of the lower tires.