As car dealers cheat ?

As car dealers cheat ?
You will need:
  • Vigilance
  • Perseverance
  • Leisure
# 1

most common type of fraud when buying a car in the cabin is not selling new cars.As a general rule most often it occurs because of the idle cars and so it turns out that you buy a car that was promoted a year ago.These cars are sold at a discounted price, if no discounts or instead of it you are offered any gifts - do not agree, you want to cheat.Also, under the guise of a new car can be a car for sale to private salon needs, in order to avoid such situations carefully study to buy a car

# 2

Quite often car dealerships have their own exchange rates, and to tell you the cost in dollars, you get notthe estimated amount in rubles.As a rule, the cost of certain cars in the showrooms of the dollar is clearly lower than the other.Here's how to "throw" in the showrooms in the domestic exchange rates, to avoid such situations always ask price of the car in rubles.

# 3

Another way fraud is a kind of commission for urgency.For example,

a customer buys a car, he offered to wait some time for delivery, and he agrees.After a while you come and order the same machine, but you offer to pay a fee for the urgency of the condition that the cars will come very quickly.If you agree, then you sell the car of the client, and he is told that the car was at the time of delivery, for example, scratched and wait for another offer.

# 4

selling cars with a defect is not uncommon, can be found quite often stories about how car dealers cheat by selling a defective vehicle.When you purchase should carefully examine the car, check all functions up to the janitors and turns, as well as carefully examine his appearance, scratches can be very cleverly disguised.

# 5

Installation of additional equipment, usually made on obviously inflated prices, but if you refuse it, you are told that the installation requires you to guarantee deprivation in other service centers.It is also possible to install additional equipment that you ordered, in case you are asked to pay, explaining that the pre-sale preparation.But for a service you did not order you do not have to pay, respectively, simply refuse payment services.And most importantly, always check the information on the salon!