How do I find the battery production date ?

How do I find the battery production date ?
You will need:
  • Battery
  • Guide to the battery
# 1

must be remembered that the battery - a device whose manufacturing date strongly influences its consumer qualities.On how new battery depends on its durability and performance.That is why many car owners attentive when buying battery, evaluate him not only the technical characteristics, such as performance at full check with a voltmeter, the electrolyte density, but also marking its date of production.

# 2

Among manufacturers made some suspended sentences, which should keep the battery without recharging the battery.For example, surmosoderazhschih - up to 3 months for hybrid - up to 6 months for Calcium - up to 12. How do I find the battery production date?Alas, many of the terms are not absolute, since they depend on the device storage conditions.The battery is stored better.The longer it will serve his car owner.

# 3

At different batteries placed different marking expiry date and date of manufacture.There are several options for

such labeling.This Uno, Fireball, Dominator, FB.Apply the code on the battery lid, it has information about the date of production and shelf life, information on the battery itself and the conditions of its production.How to identify the battery production date.For example, the code of most batteries.

# 4

This numeric code is composed of groups of different numbers according to the scheme 4-6.For example, a 3437 091563. 3 teams number 4 - line number 3.7 - the capacity acc.batteries, 0.9 - year, half 5-, 6 - the serial number.Thus, it is possible to read when the battery was made, verify this information with expiration dates and get an approximate time period when the battery can work without replacement.

# 5

There is an option that allows you to find the battery storage - for color marking.There are special tables for believing that information.How do I find the battery production date?More may be on a special number-letter code, meaning the date of manufacture, for example, 5 characters 64157, 6 - a day of the week, 4.1, - serial number of the week 7 - changing number.According to the Latin letter is determined annually.In 2013, for example, is equal to N, 2014 - Z. Thus, to determine the battery production date, and its shelf life is not difficult.