Losing weight with the help of soda : 3 recipes

Losing weight with the help of soda : 3 recipes
You will need:
  • Baking soda
  • Citric acid
  • Milk
  • Vegetable and essential oil
  • cookie cutters small
  • Bath bathing with running water
# 1

For starters learn the healing properties of soda, its types and uses.Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), depending on the chemical composition can be drinking water, soda and crystalline.It is a white powder with a salty taste and odor without sharp.It is extracted from common salt, and is used primarily in the food industry and medicine.Soda is highly soluble in water, and by increasing its temperature starts to produce carbon dioxide.These properties of sodium hydrogen carbonate are widely used in the manufacture of various medicines and cosmetics.Soda needed for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.It does not have protein, fat and carbohydrates, so its caloric value is zero.This is particularly important for those who are going to use baking soda for weight loss.

# 2

Losing weight with the help of soda possible in several ways.3 Consi

der the most well-known and proven: ingestion in the form of a solution, soda baths, effervescent "bombs" for swimming.The first way many people feel useless and harmful.However, if you follow all of the recommendations on the proper use of sodium bicarbonate, can achieve the desired effect without side effects.Soda prevents the deposition of fat cells;altering gastric acidity, greatly reduces appetite.It is important to know the correct dosage of baking soda, when it is not subject to possible damage to the mucosa of the esophagus and stomach.These processes can cause bleeding and the appearance of small ulcers.Contraindicated to use baking soda for pregnant women and nursing mothers, people with diseases of the intestine and stomach.

# 3

So, the first recipe for weight loss: "In a glass of warm boiled water dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to drink in the morning on an empty stomach is not less than 0.5 hours before the first meal gradually, within a month..increase the amount of baking soda and 1/2 tsp. "Be sure to monitor their state of health, if appear at least a little discomfort, you should stop drinking soda and seek medical advice.If health all provide designated, you can continue to use this recipe and a lot of patience, because the weight loss will be gradual.Wishes to speed up the process may additionally exercise.To avoid stomach irritation, many nutritionists recommend not to dissolve the soda water and warm boiled milk.This drink is essential for prevention of colds.

# 4

following recipe - losing weight with the help of a soda bath.Taking the usual hot bath, you can easily relax and cleanse negative energy obtained for the entire previous day.If you set a goal - to lose weight, to add to the water a little baking soda (300 g), and stay in it from 20 to 30 minutes.The water temperature should be 37-38 degrees.Such water treatment helps to quickly splitting of subcutaneous fat and stimulates the lymphatic system of the blood.Just half an hour stay in the tub with baking soda, you can lose about 2 kg.For a stronger effect, you can fall asleep in the bath and even sea salt, it will help to bring waste and toxins from the body.People who suffer from cellulite should be added in a soda bath citrus fruits (lemon, orange) and coniferous (fir, spruce) essential oils.

# 5

However, there are contraindications to the use of hot tubs soda: For people with diabetes who have heart disease, vascular, benign and malignant tumors, as well as high blood pressure.It is not recommended to increase the temperature of the water bath above 38 degrees, as this can cause dizziness and fainting.It should be noted that the soda baths are a good tool not only for weight loss, but also for cleaning the body of poisons and toxins.Importantly, even after the water treatment the metabolic processes in the body will continue to "work".So do not just be rinsed under running water, better to just put on a bathrobe, a hot cup of tea and a lie.Literally in half an hour it will be felt lightness throughout the body, and sleep will be strong and healthy.

# 6

fans of various gadgets like an interesting recipe for weight loss with the help of soda "bombochek" for the bathroom.Before the start of the process should wear rubber gloves and only then proceed to the preparation of a special blend.To do this, citric acid (4 tablespoons) to be mixed with soda (8 tablespoons), crushed;add any vegetable (1 tbsp) and essential oils (4-5 drops) and mix thoroughly.The resulting mass should not crumble, but if she still turned loose, it is necessary to additionally pour a little oil.Followed compacted mixture into small molds and allow to dry for one hour.After a measured time ready "bombs" pour out on a sheet of paper and leave to dry for a couple of days.Keep them can be in a conventional plastic bag in a dry place inaccessible to children.

# 7

Use soda "bombs" 2 times a week (no more than five), adding them to the hot tub for a few pieces.When immersed in water "bombs" hiss, it makes bathing more fun.And if you add in the manufacture of their member food coloring, you can do in your bath a real color geyser!Contraindications to the use of soda "bombochek" are the same as in the use of soda baths.For those of all the recipes combat obesity chose weight loss with the help of baking soda, it is important to know that it has bleaching properties.Therefore, while taking a soda bath can quickly lose a beautiful tan.If weight loss is still proved more important than skin color, it is worth trying the above methods, because to feel light and beautiful is important for every modern woman.