How to return the car at the auto show ?

How to return the car at the auto show ?
You will need:
  • The purchase agreement car
  • official certificate issued by the staff of the service center
  • Compliance refund conditions
# 1

avoid situations when the car has to be returned to the salon, the purchase must be careful to choose a car, later to be disappointed in buying.At the time of purchase of the car carefully inspect both the body and interior of car, not superfluous will check all installed vehicle options, as well as its configuration.Pick up a car is recommended in the daytime, it will help to better inspect the car for scratches or defects.

# 2

In accordance with the law, you can withdraw from the contract of sale with the purchase of a vehicle condition return the full amount you paid when buying a car.However, the terms of the claims shall not exceed 15 days from the date of purchase of the car.

# 3

How to return the car at the auto show, if you were refused a refund?Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" assumes the full right to return the vehicle if t

he necessary conditions, so if you are denied a cash refund is necessary to refer to the law.In addition you have the full right to replace the purchased car to another car model with a full recalculation of the amount.However, a claim may be filed only within the period of 14 days from the date of purchase of the car.

# 4

You can return the car later and 14 days, but only if detected a serious defect or failure.In this case, to prove the guilt dealership or the manufacturer shall be drawn up, and the examination is being conducted in accordance with its results is the conclusion.

# 5

If you do not know how to return the car, start with a written claim in the showroom.The claim must contain a strong reason for the return of the purchased vehicle, for example, when the vehicle is properly operating a manufacturing defect was noticed.If you've already contacted the service to replace anything under warranty, you should indicate this fact.

# 6

copies of the service center should be attached with the claim.After receiving complaints Motor obliged by law to make a decision within 20 days.If in this life you have not received a response to your claim, then in that case you have the right to resolve the conflict to go to court.