How to order spare parts via the Internet from Germany ?

How to order spare parts via the Internet from Germany ?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • original part number
  • Account for payment
# 1

Sometimes it is very difficult to find the original car parts for German cars havein the country.Cause?Perhaps, their relatively high cost in relation to cheaper Chinese counterparts.What can be done?Order spare parts over the Internet directly from Germany, and wait for their delivery.

# 2

Order can be done in specialized stores and directly to the official website of the auto parts manufacturer.At the same time, it will require at least a basic knowledge of English or German, or the person who will translate everything for you.

# 3

If a search for someone who can translate the text, there are big problems, you can use the dedicated Russian-language website, where you can also make an appropriate order.Perhaps this is the easiest way to order parts via the Internet on their own.To find such resources is unlikely to be a problem, as they are on the leading positions of the majority of searc

h engines Runet.

# 4

visiting the site, you must first become familiar with the section on it and choose the one that is closest to what you're looking for.Proposals will certainly be a great many, so do not book the first caught the eye of the desired item.Since you are at home in a relaxed atmosphere, it is advisable to look through the little resource available with other offers and choose the most suitable.

# 5

Talking about how to order spare parts from Germany, is to tell a little about the shipment.As a rule, it serves the postal service DHL, the average parcel path is from 7 to 20 days, depending on the distance of your edge.Maximum weight of parts shall not exceed 25 kg, is perhaps the only limitation that must be taken into account.

# 6

For payment required email account, usually, PayPal, because it is the most popular service in the world to make purchases via the World Wide Web in other countries.There are other systems, but they will have the same principle of the work, so do not choose.When the parcel reaches the recipient's place of residence, it will have to pick up at the post office, paid transportation.Perhaps this is all!