How to use essential oil of ginger for weight loss ?

How to use essential oil of ginger for weight loss ?
You will need:
  • essential oil of ginger
  • Cardamom
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon juice
  • Honey
  • Boiling
# 1

Ginger - a storehouse of useful trace elements and vitamins.It is used in medicine, cooking and cosmetics.In recent years, ginger has become the most popular way to lose weight.In addition to getting rid of excess fat, ginger is able to lift the immunity.For more convenient use and storage of ginger essential oil extracted.Oil content in the crushed raw material is not large (up to 3%), and therefore it is not a small value (about $ 20 per 10 ml).But we should not forget that the essential oil of ginger is highly concentrated, so use in small doses.It is believed that the best quality oil produced in India.

# 2

Anyone who watches her figure and, moreover, is struggling with excess body fat is ready to try on themselves various miraculous diets and methods.But practice shows that many methods and techniques are very bad for health.What can be said about the ginger.Its wonderful properties

will not only help get rid of excess weight.Ginger is able to strengthen the immune system, increase activity, bring harmful substances from the body, strengthen metabolism, improve skin tone and, finally, just to lighten the mood.The easiest and simple way to lose weight - to drink tea with ginger oil.

# 3

Using ginger tea as a way to effectively lose weight, do not have to limit yourself.This is not a diet!In order to prepare this wonderful drink, take a few minutes.It should be mixed in a blender mint, cardamom, ginger and a few drops of oil (as it is possible to use fresh ginger root, for this it is necessary to wash, peel and cut).Then, the resulting mixture was put in a thermos and pour boiling water.Infuse the tea should be about forty minutes, after which you need to drink drain, add lemon juice and honey (to taste).This tea can be drunk as a cold (very refreshing in the heat of summer) and hot (warm cold).For fast effect, it is recommended to consume the drink about two liters a day, but do not overdo it and drink more, it can be bad for health.

# 4

There are some recommendations for a more effective use of ginger.Drunk, half an hour before a meal, ginger tea, significantly reduces the appetite.First, during a meal, the stomach will be a little full of liquid (which reduce the amount of food consumed), and secondly ginger accelerate metabolism (which helps the body burn fat).Freshly prepared tea from ginger better drain immediately, then the taste will be more pleasant and not too rich.If after the first use of the tea, thrown into a fever, do not be afraid - this is normal, because Ginger accelerates blood.It is simply to reduce the amount consumed beverage.When buying ginger oil, check for the presence of unpleasant "old" smell.High-quality oil should have a sharp pleasant smell.

# 5

Before you can use the essential oil of ginger diet, should be familiar with contraindications and cautions.Use ginger is prohibited for pregnant and lactating women, as well as people suffering from acute gastro-intestinal diseases.In addition, be aware that ginger tea is not recommended to drink before bedtime, as it is very invigorates and refreshes.It is not necessary to use large amounts of ginger as ginger glut dangerous even for a completely healthy body.Possible reactions to ginger excess in the body include nausea, vomiting, rash, redness of the skin.If you have these symptoms better immediately excluded from the diet ginger and seek medical advice.