Gps navigator How to choose the right ?

Gps navigator How to choose the right ?
You will need:
  • solid confidence to buy Gps navigator
  • Defining the scope of the proposed purchase
  • list of functions to be "able" to perform
  • device Money
# 1

Main decide where to work the navigator.There Navigators: - sea, air and land.The latter are divided on the road and hiking.There navigators for mushroom pickers and tourists, sportsmen and hunters.Devices are stationary and wrist.

# 2

number of models offered by trade, may lead to confusion.Gps navigator How to choose?Concentrate on what you like in appearance.Size, color, shape - all important to you to use this device.Focus on the sharpness of their own, on-screen image must be clearly distinguished.Some models are highly detailed, and small icons which are hard to make out, even for people with good eyesight.

# 3

All modern navigators have almost identical characteristics.Good device has the following parameters: frequency of the processor - not less than 400 Hz.This ensures smooth, jerk-free sliding pictures and "pai

nless" to use additional functions;receiver is not less than 12 channels;Windows 6.0 operating system.Prefer device that displays maps.Stationary navigators external antenna rather than without it.One of the main navigation options considered the degree of protection against dust and moisture.Good models have a sealed enclosure filled with nitrogen.

# 4

The important quality of any device - it is the simplicity of its operation.In browsers, this is achieved convenience interface and easily accessible guidance.It is desirable that would be stationary device can be easily removed and installed.The buttons on the body should be clear and informative.

# 5

task - how to choose the browser, often "rests" in the issue price.The most expensive device does not mean - the best.For example, some of the leading Western firms bad "familiar" with the Russian cartography, detail - useless.There are quite decent Russian models at a much more modest price.In addition, a number of additional options that have no relation to the GLONASS system, significantly increase the price.