Can I drink water with soda every day ?

Can I drink water with soda every day ?
You will need:
  • Healthy Eating
  • active lifestyle
# 1

Which diet just are not ready to sit down people suffering from excess weight.Lose weight for them is like a pipe dream, and here for the desire for a slim figure, willing to try any diet for yourself, or do not eat anything.But how it all really, and most importantly safe for the human body, it is possible to drink water with soda every day?Literally on every page on the internet you can find wonderful advertisement, which states that it is possible to lose weight with the help of soda.Such advertising is really a miracle, because it promises instant weight loss of up to 2 kilograms per procedure, and this week the opportunity to reset the 10 kg!What is her secret, and where the magic lies here?

# 2

Magic is not here, the whole thing in soda!Proponents of this diet is explained by the fact that soda helps breakdown of fat, due to which there is an effective emission of harmful substances from the body and also helps to reduce the a

ppetite, hence the weight loss.Also, there is advertising with Agapkin which assures that fat go away forever if you take baking soda on an empty stomach for 3 days, to lose with such a diet can be 7 kg!Rather, it is worth considering what to run headlong into the store in search of soda, if you need to advertise Agapkin "Soda"?After all, even a photo on the internet it is clear that it is a photomontage, not more, and to believe in such advertising does not make sense, in fact, it can be dangerous to your health!

# 3

Another way to lose weight with the help of soda, is receiving a bath with sea salt and baking soda mixture.The procedure involves taking a hot bath with 500 g.sea ​​salt and 200 grams.soda for 20 minutes.Upon receipt of such a bath it is recommended to go to bed under a warm blanket, and how to sweat.Actually in this lies the whole magic soda bath, the whole mechanism is that soda - temperature increases, the body begins to perspire, thereby outputting fluid from the body.Thus, there is a momentary loss of weight of 2 kg for the procedure recommended by the number of repetitions of this procedure - 10 sessions.

# 4

It is worth noting that after such a procedure, the speed with which was lost weight, with exactly the same he will return, after the loss of extra kilos just rather be in fluid loss, so the weight will come back after the first cupwater!There is also no less famous diet models, designed for 3 days, all that is needed is baking soda, diet such is considered very stiff, but guarantees fast results in losing weight.But such experiments is it possible to carry out health and how secure such a diet?Drink soda in small proportions as possible if there is replenishment mucosa in the oral cavity, or for example, when a stuffy nose, soda help relieve swelling and reduce inflammation.

# 5

It is best not to take soda inside and spend inhalations course, of course, if there is no temperature, or a variety of rinses.Drinking soda is generally not recommended, since, falling to the stomach regularly, it breaks the acidity, thereby forcing down the process of digestion.Moreover at the soda have a number of contraindications that its reception inside and the hot tubs to its application, so for example: various gastric diseases, various tumors, diabetes, heart disease, and even vascular dystonia, which, incidentally, hasevery second!

# 6

Anyway, soda is not a tool in the fight against excess weight, and rid the body of excess fat!Do not get upset and go on a hunger strike, which subsequently lead to gastritis, the best solution is to start a healthy lifestyle is not only nutrition, but also his active lifestyle.It should be noted that not only the need to eat properly, but in time, also need to chew food slowly.

# 7

also need to restrict your diet to eating foods containing a large number of not only fat, but sugar, as well as flour products, and do not forget to eat as much liquid as possible (about 3 liters a day), soway, a week later will be noticeable results.By connecting to a healthy diet exercise will not only help increase weight loss, but also to get beautiful and sexy curves of the body.