How to determine the wear of the brake discs ?

How to determine the wear of the brake discs ?
You will need:
  • Good hearing
  • Caliper
  • Toolbox
# 1

in city driving conditions the brake discs and pads are subjected to considerable stress.Frequent change of acceleration and deceleration modes contributes to their rapid wear.For driving safety you should regularly check the amount of wear of the disc and the brake pads.

# 2

brake disc wear rate may depend on the manufacturer, and by the quality of the disc itself.On wear affect heartbeat, friction and thermal effects on the material of the disc.New brake discs and pads are subjected to break-in and normal wear and tear for the running to each other, and then begin to act more effectively.Here you will learn how to determine the wear of the brake discs at home.

# 3

can be determined by any of the following symptoms that the brake discs were subjected to wear and require careful examination and measurement.They are: rattle and whistle when braking, the brake lock when the pedal pressure, vibration and jerks when braking, cracks

and chips, visible to the naked eye.Depreciation may be accelerated by using low-quality brake pads.

# 4

If you encounter and observation of these phenomena, it is necessary to disassemble the wheel and remove the brake disc, and measure it with a caliper.This tool measures the thickness of the disc.Permissible limits of wear are always indicated in the instructions to the vehicle.In the case of the minimum measuring disk should be immediately replaced

# 5

is not difficult to learn how to determine the wear of discs, but can you fix the wear without having to replace the disc?Fix can only be encountered grooves and beads, which are worn down on the machine to a single plane, with an area of ​​the disc.In review of the appearance of the disc you can not find anything, but there is discomfort when braking, you should consult on the bench diagnose wear of the brake discs.

# 6

If you need to change the brake discs with great wear and tear, you should do it by replacing the whole pair axis, what would have been the same braking force on the shaft.Pay attention and change their style of driving with rapid wear of the brake discs.Only a change of the style of driving and braking increases the service life of the brake discs is almost tripled.