How to park in reverse ?

How to park in reverse ?
You will need:
  • Car
  • Parking
  • Area racetrack
# 1

Each driver must be able to park the car in reverse, besides you will not succeed without this skillpass on the right.Initially, the best practice at the circuit, although there are cases where drivers quickly learned it in the real world.

# 2

parking Equipment reverse is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance.If you need to park between two cars that are from each other at a distance of 6 meters, you first need to drive up to the selected parking space of the vehicle side, which is closer.In this case, select the farthest car.Find him near corner.Stop the vehicle when the angle will be on the shoulder or in the middle of the front door, sometimes it has to be in the middle of the car.It all depends on the machine and the inversion wheel sizes.This is very important if you want to know how to reverse park.It will show the correct position for a parking space you are applying for, and you are not interfering with other moto

rists to travel in the territory over you.

# 3

As soon as you stop, you need to spin the wheel all the way in the opposite direction from standing next to the car and start to move forward as far as allowing area.Further, in the rear-view mirror to catch the corner of the car, which was closer to the machine.Once you do that, stop and put the wheels straight, begin to move backward, stop.

# 4

As soon as the car approached the rear wheel to the corner of the parked vehicle, gradually tighten the wheel so as to go round the corner.This is a very important step, if you have no experience of how to park backwards.The main thing - to catch the right moment: on the one hand, not to run over someone else's car, and on the other - not to pass on, or you will not fit into the space of a parking space.

# 5

Once you see that the right to go round the corner, tighten the wheel to the stop in the rotating side.With the further arrival watch in the rearview mirror of the car, which is on the other side.At this point, the main thing - it does not hurt him.If you are sure you'll pick in a parking space, not to touch other cars, then go ahead and turn the wheel right and put the car into the parking lot.