How to make a rack in the garage ?

How to make a rack in the garage ?
You will need:
  • Metal corners (30x40)
  • , electric, plywood (12-14 mm)
  • Drill (drill)
  • Screws, brackets
# 1

First, determine where to install a rack and its dimensions.It is possible on a small sheet of paper, draw a sketch of the future structure indicating the shot size.More often than not make the rack with wide shelves at the bottom, which can contain large and massive parts and tools, and more narrow at the top - for storage of various cans and containers or small details.

# 2

Count how many pieces of the same length to be produced from the corner.Take the metal angle and chalk to mark the cutting place.During the markup, consider the range of the thickness of the "Bulgarian", the very layout make thin pointed piece of chalk.After all, even a small inaccuracy in the measurement can cause misalignment of the assembly.These operations must be done carefully, before making a rack in the garage.The more accurately measured and cut off all, the more stable and more attractive to desig

n, not to be ashamed in front of a neighbor.

# 3

Cut the corner on the markup.During cutting, try to lay the item horizontally, then cutting will occur smoothly, without distortions.Take the vertical part (future rack) and place between the corner pieces on the edges.The lower part of the mounting shelf and top.Align is advisable to use elbow bench to have angles of 90 degrees.Doing shelves for the garage with his hands - not in a hurry, it is better to measure out a few times and look at whether there is misalignment.The weld joints of the horizontal to the vertical.The joints must be from the bottom, so as not to interfere with the arrangement of shelves.So make the front and back part of the future of the rack.If the upper part is narrower, then start with the assembly of the lower, wider part.

# 4

Reinforce the back of the rack to the wall using brackets.It should have at the end of the curved portion, which hook behind the bar, and when driving into a wall will attract to the wall.Install front and easy to "tack" welding the transverse corners, first from above, flush with the longitudinal.Then the bottom - also at the level of the longitudinal.It will mount the shelves.Align and weld all thoroughly.Next alternately weld the corners, which will serve as a mount for intermediate shelves.Measure the dimensions of the shelves on the plywood sheet and cut.The horizontal parts of the frame, drill holes for the screws.Install shelves and fasten with screws.