How to arrange the speakers ?

How to arrange the speakers ?
You will need:
  • Free
  • Brackets
  • Acoustic wires sufficient length
# 1

Proper placement of audio channels ensures high-quality sound and correct perception of a movie or a musical composition.The most common audio 5.1 and 7.1 will not be able to create the desired effect the environment if their channels are wrong.

# 2

First, consider the type of audio system 5.1, as you probably already understand 5 - the number of conventional channels, and 1 - the number of low-frequency channel.These systems allow you to fully feel yourself at the center of what is happening.So, let us have the channels become ever sit down at the point where you'll be while listening to music or watching a movie and imagine that you are the center of the circle, all channels must be arranged in a circle at the same distance from you.So how to arrange the speakers - then select the correct angles and distances, which are the channels relative to each other, we need to select a point from which we will build.As this

point we take the central channel (the CNT) and place it directly in front of you (as a rule, the center speaker is attached to the wall), that is, the rest of the column, we have the right or the left.

# 3

Next come the front speakers (Front Right and Front Left), they should be placed, departing 45 degrees from the center speaker on each side respectively.Remember that in order to avoid distortion of sound, all the channels should be the same distance from you.Location of rear channel (Rear Right and Rear Left) should be selected as follows: the center speaker is necessary to visually measure 110 degrees (+ \ - 10 degrees).That is, the speakers should be placed slightly behind you.

# 4

7.1 How to arrange the acoustics right?To do this, run exactly the same operation, but the corners of the rear channels will be somewhat different.7.1 The system has side channels (Side Surround) and place them must be at right angles to the center channel, ie they must be on the sides with respect to you.A rear channels are disposed at an angle of 120-135 degrees.

# 5

subwoofer location Selecting each system is made individually for each room, most audiophiles have it between the center and one of the front channels.It is recommended to experiment with its location, in order to achieve maximum effect audio.