Cocktail with ginger slimming

Cocktail with ginger slimming
You will need:
  • fresh ginger (can be ground)
  • mineral or plain water without
  • gas lemon
  • sugar syrup or juice
  • ice
  • blender
# 1

For starters learn the composition of ginger, its useful properties and applications.Ginger different tart spicy aroma and pungent taste special because of its high content of essential oils.Doctors and cooks usually use the root of this plant, in which about 400 chemical compounds.Main components of this - A and C vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, choline, amino acids, dietary fibers, essential oils, nicotinic acid.Thanks to this rich composition Ginger has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, analgesic and healing properties, is able to improve the supply of oxygen to the brain, eliminate toxins.Physicians are advised to use it even as a preventive agent against malignant tumors, degenerative disc disease and sciatica.

# 2

Ginger is used as a remedy that helps to normalize the stomach, liver, remove stagnation in the gall bladder, remove the pain in the gut, incre

ase potency in men.Quite often a root vegetable used in the slimming diets as an ingredient in a variety of beverages - brew, cocktail, tea.Fresh ginger is sold in the store (it should be smooth, solid, without dark spots and mold) and ground (dry powder) - in pharmacy.The root of the plant does not lose its beneficial properties when stored in the refrigerator for a month in the freezer - about one and a half years.ginger powder can just leave in a cool, dry and dark place for up to one year.All this time, you can please yourself and loved ones tasty useful ginger drinks.

# 3

In order to prepare a cocktail with ginger slimming, fresh root of this plant is rubbed on a grater and squeeze the juice out of it.This can be done with a juicer and a simpler way - mash with a fork and pour the juice, or to pass through a sieve (available through cheesecloth).The resulting juice of ginger should be poured into a glass or cup, add water without gas, 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice, a little sugar or syrup;to stir thoroughly.Garnish with a slice of lemon and serve with ice cubes.If desired, water and syrup can be replaced with natural pineapple (or carrot) juice.Many restaurants (especially eastern) such a cocktail is served with vodka, however, we all know that alcohol is not only harmful to health, but also contains a lot of calories.

# 4

Drink cocktail with ginger is best before a meal or in between meals (if there is hunger).Also, for a more rapid weight loss should be replaced this drink your dinner.Using celery as an additional ingredient, one can prepare the cocktail diet.The recipe is simple: mix equal proportions of non-carbonated mineral water and juice (the best - carrot or tomato), put celery, a pinch of powdered ginger, squeeze one lemon;all mixed together in a blender.Cocktail is not that sweet little red peppers add sharpness drink and a couple of ice cubes make it cool.Even if short-term reception in a week you will notice that your hair and skin had a healthy appearance, and the figure became more slender.

# 5

Thanks cocktail with ginger, fats are gradually broken down and excreted from the human body, disappear edema, headache and muscle aches, joints become more flexible and agile, strengthens blood vessels.And also increases the immune system, resistance to stressful situations, memory and attention.Positive moments are quite a few, and if there is at least some negative?In view of the fact that in the above described beverage ginger contains only natural ingredients harm the body is almost impossible.However, some people may have trouble having a bowel movement, so nutritionists do not recommend to completely replace meals ginger cocktails.The best option - to use them as a supplement to the main meal, or during fasting days.

# 6

It should be noted that the use of ginger is completely contraindicated in gastric ulcer (or bowel), kidney stones and bladder;in inflammation occurring with increased body temperature, as well as if you are hypersensitive.People suffering from hypertension should not be too much to drink beverages with ginger, and pregnant or nursing mothers it is better to abandon it.If there are no contraindications - can safely prepare the original spicy cocktails, but do not forget that the maximum dose of ginger should not exceed 4 grams (or one fresh root) per day.Overdose may adversely affect even the healthy organism.In conclusion, we note that the taste of this root crop is not the most pleasant, but it's not everything useful is delicious!