How to make an entrance to the garage ?

How to make an entrance to the garage ?
You will need:
  • Sand
  • Paving
  • Invent pattern
  • trowel, rake, rubber mallet, mop and other tools
# 1

Before making access to thegarage, you need to decide on the material that will be used for manufacturing.The best option is paving slabs, as it has excellent performance, allowing to make a qualitative entrance to the garage that can last for many years.

# 2

now is to work on preparing the site for laying tiles.It must be remembered that it should have a small slope (approximately 10 degrees), to avoid stagnation of water.It will be good if manufactured along the entrance you dig small grooves in which the water is discharged to the side.

# 3

So, drainage is provided.Now we need to start building a base for laying tiles.This is best suited fine sand, which is necessary to fill with a gradient and a good seal - entrance to the garage is experiencing heavy loads, so the seal must be done efficiently.For such purposes can be used sand pouring water.Before laying the tiles need to wa

it for its drying.

# 4

Now you need to define the pattern to be obtained as a result of stacking.If you are willing to express their imagination is good.If not, you should seek the help of a designer who will help make the entrance to the garage, and a beautiful original.Now consider directly the process of laying tile.To get a high-quality and durable coating, you need to lay tile, tightly clutching elements to one another so there are no gaps between them.Adjust the height of the tile layout you can use podsypaniya sand, eliminate gaps - a rubber mallet.

# 5

After all the tile is laid, it is necessary to prepare a solution from sand and cement, which will fill the seams between the tiles.Thereafter they spilled water.To access the edges had enough strength, reinforce its curbs - it will not fall apart on the sides of the tile.Now we have to sweep the porch with a broom, falling asleep remnants of sand into the gaps, which could not be eliminated - it is additionally sealed masonry.Entrance is ready!