How to choose the speakers in the car ?

How to choose the speakers in the car ?
You will need:
  • Money
  • Car
  • car audio shop with a good reputation
# 1

Before going to the store and choose the speakers, it is necessary to determine the budget that you are willing toallocate the acoustics of your car.There are roughly three types of speaker systems, depending on their financial level.

# 2

simplest level.Cheap dynamics, but more or less well-known companies, in any case, avoid Chinese imitations of famous companies.Next you can put coaxial speakers from 20 to 40 dollars, and back "ovals" cost from 30 to 50 dollars.The best combination of price and quality.

# 3

average level.Next it recommended spaced speakers to deliver well-known company that is Tweeters should be separate.Back it is also recommended to put the "oval".How to choose the speakers in the car, which did not hit hard on the wallet?If you want to save, it is better to do it in the rear speakers, the front playing an increasingly important role in car audio.For example, the cost of the front speakers

should be the average level to fluctuate between 80 and 90 dollars, and back between 60 and 70.

# 4

high level.The most appropriate solution would be to buy the expensive silk front speakers with beeper.Of course, they are recommended to be connected from the amplifier, so their power should not be in doubt.Back ovals better to put a beeper silk, metal tweeters block the sound of the front silk tweeters, and the beauty of the sound of the front speakers is lost.The aim of "before" is to reproduce the widest possible frequency range, namely the upper, middle and upper bass is desirable.The task "backside" with the added upper bass, but the sound does not move backward.Lower bass subwoofer remains.

# 5

How to choose the speakers in the car, if you have a very large budget?In this case, we recommend three-component sound system.Component speakers are placed so that the sound "picture" has been as deeply and widely as possible of course.Instead, the rear speakers, it is desirable to put another pair of front.It is necessary to use the channel gain, that is, each of the frequency bands: high, medium and low frequencies are fed from different pairs of amplifiers.It is recommended to purchase once the entire audio system and speakers, and radio and amplifiers, it will help to choose the best speakers, not all the speakers are equally well compatible with all radio.