Ginger , peppermint , lemon diet : recipe

You will need:
  • Ginger root
  • mint leaves
  • Lemon
  • Water
  • cucumber
# 1

In the East, ginger is considered a universal product for the treatment of many different diseases.A particular esteem he enjoyed in India.While in Russia, ginger was known mainly as a spice.And most often used in cooking.Despite the excellent taste qualities of ginger root and its medicinal properties deserve more attention.The fact that ginger is used in the treatment of many diseases, is connected directly to its unique composition.Ginger includes more than four hundred different substances, so the range of its actions unusually wide.For therapeutic purposes, ginger is used not only as a standalone product, but also in combination with other plants.This allows you to enhance the action of ginger and get a more pronounced effect.

# 2

most strongly manifested effect of ginger in the treatment and prevention of colds.This is due to the fact that the composition of the substance of the root has a positive influence

on human immunity.Due to the high content of essential oils and bitters, ginger causes increased production of gastric juice, which is very useful for improving the digestion of food and generally stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract.So take ginger to relieve symptoms of overeating, food poisoning.However, because of the properties of ginger, its use is not recommended for people who have gastric or intestinal diseases associated with inflammation or damage of mucous membranes.For example, colitis, gastritis, ulcer and similar diseases.

# 3

addition, ginger increases blood pressure, so it should be consumed with care for people suffering from hypertension, as well as women in the second half of pregnancy.Although in its first half, taking ginger root is not only possible but also necessary, as it helps to alleviate the condition of nausea, which is very important during pregnancy toxicosis.Contraindications to the use of ginger are various bleeding, both external and internal.Since ginger root can increase blood loss.Despite the presence of contraindications, it is not necessary to completely eliminate the use of ginger.But we must use it with extreme caution, after consulting with your doctor.

# 4

example, ginger powder from the dried root has a less irritating to the gastrointestinal tract, while its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties increase.Recently, a very popular to use ginger for weight loss.Moreover, some people use it in the form of hot drink, with the addition of lemon juice and honey.This is like the combination in a salad products such as ginger, cucumber, lemon.For weight loss, in principle, not so much matter what the form of ginger is ingested.The main thing is that it was not regularly in combination with high-calorie foods.However, there are some ways to use ginger, which affect the process of weight loss is very active.In particular, in this application, ginger combined with other products.

# 5

One of the most known methods of weight loss, is the use of a special drink.According to its creator names it was called "water Sassi".The composition of this drink is water, cucumber, ginger, mint, lemon.To lose weight you need to eat per day about two liters of beverage.Make this water is quite simple.To do this, a small ginger root, medium cucumber, lemon and a couple of dozen mint leaves, ten glasses of water.All products, except mint, must be pre-cut into thin slices.The water should be at room temperature.Jug with a drink you need ten to twelve hours in the refrigerator.Then Sassi water can be consumed.The day should drink a full cooked infusion.To take effect, it must be not less than ten days.

# 6

Water Sassi is a part of a special diet, aimed at reducing the volume of waist.Its action is based on the fact that the combination of the above components, allows for enhanced intestinal peristalsis, reduce flatulence.Furthermore, the beverage has a diuretic effect, and also increases metabolism, which reduces fat.However, this drink is pleasant to use in hot weather.In the autumn-winter period appropriate to drink hot drinks, such as ginger tea with honey.In principle, grated fresh ginger or dried powder can be added to almost any beverage.It will give not only unusual spicy note, but will quietly get rid of the extra kilos.

# 7

Despite the many different ways to use ginger, some people prefer to take it in the form of biologically active additives.These drugs can be purchased at any pharmacy or store that sells drugs for health and beauty.The capsules of ginger, for ingestion, and can be done at home.To do this, mix four teaspoons of ginger juice with a teaspoon of ground ginger.Stir thoroughly, then roll out of the mix small balls, about the size of a pea.Such capsules should be taken three or four of them during the meal.This will not only lose weight but also to improve digestion.From all the above, it can be concluded that ginger - a unique product, and its use can significantly improve the quality of life.