How to pass the car rental ?

How to pass the car rental ?
You will need:
  • Have a clear goal
  • knowledge of
  • car device Leisure
  • Patience
# 1

Please clearly identify who will be transferred to the machine.Today it is possible to rent a car as the private and legal entity.Carrying out planned maintenance and repair of cars (will increase the rental price).Also, to reduce engine wear, it is recommended the installation of gas equipment on the machine.Having defined the tenant before you hand over the car to rent, be sure to check out all of its documents - is necessary in order to prevent future occurrence of various troubles.

# 2

Drawing up a contract, which will be clearly spelled out all the terms of the lease, given all passport and registration data of the tenant.It should be noted that the contract must necessarily be made in writing in the presence of a notary.The contract also better to prescribe exactly how to be compensated for damage if it enters a car in an accident.Car insurance.Often, it is the insurance will help to solve many p

roblems that can arise with a car, rent.

# 3

Power of attorney to the driver of the vehicle.Typically, in this case the driver would also write a receipt, which is written in what condition the car was taken and which defects therein already available.To pass a car rental, it is necessary to contact a notary - it is best if a lawyer is found exactly the person who rents the car.The point is that the renter may not behave correctly, while trying to carry out through front of a notary fraud in his favor.

# 4

car to lease as private and legal person, must necessarily be examined on a certified service station.It should not be trusted to conduct such a procedure "garage" in the art, which can lead tenants - as a rule, these "masters" will find a lot of defects in the machine, thus reducing the cost of rent.Best of all, if the contract is clearly stated who will repair the vehicle if a problem occurs.This process should trust the tenant as the additional cost can be significantly reduced in this case.