How to rent a car ?

How to rent a car ?
You will need:
  • Internet
  • Email
  • Credit card
  • passport
  • Driving Licence
# 1

Almost all large companies that are engaged in vehicle commissioningRentals are shown in the Internet space.Therefore, to select enough wi-fi, a computer and a few minutes of searching on the World Wide Web.In the priority - the study of the fleet, prices and discounts table.A little secret: to obtain substantial discounts up to 40% is necessary to book transport for a certain period (Friday-Monday).After selecting a model, you must place your order on-line: indicate name, country, e-mail, mobile phone, place of receipt of the vehicle, the date and time of receipt and delivery.

# 2

Once in the e-mail address will offer on request (booking voucher), it is necessary to examine how to rent a car at the best conditions.The standard procedure involves clearance of the basic package of insurance contract: Theft Protection (theft), CDW (damage from a collision with an obstacle or an accident).The worst case - the

firms that charge a damage exceeding the deductible, regardless of the fault of the tenant.Some companies include franchise value in rates, some offer a car with no deductible.The best option - the conclusion of a comprehensive insurance (Super TP, Super CDW) with a minimum deductible.

# 3

list of additional equipment, including a first aid kit and a chair for the baby, you need to negotiate to sign the agreement, as well as the amount of petrol in the tank.For the conclusion of the contract required documents: passport with a visa, driver's license (preferably international standard), a credit card.For a car "Lux" may require 2 credit card, as an additional guarantee of payment.The peculiarity of the car rental is to hold the bail amount with a credit card.In order to avoid misunderstandings at registration, it is necessary to clarify how to rent a car at the selected companies and the list of bank cards accepted.

# 4

most popular payment systems are MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club International, American Express, JCB.You provide the car?- Be sure to inspect the vehicles for damage, scratches and indicate any defects in Check-List - sheet inspection.Otherwise, return the car will have to prove that the damage was caused before receiving machine.After the conclusion of the lease contract of the amount paid company-distributors.The deposit amount (about 30% of the cost of the car) and the cost of a tank of gas is blocked in the bank account.

# 5

In order to avoid the risk of additional costs, and the company claims to discovered after the date of the shortcomings, it is necessary to take the car with the registration inspection sheet.Unlocking the amount on the map takes place, depending on the bank, for 7-30 days Fast, economical, freedom of movement during the journey and the opportunity to build their own routes - high-quality alternative to the boring schedule with a visit scheduled sites.Therefore, the proper organization of a comfortable rest includes the study of the popular rentals and information services such as rent a car on favorable terms.