How to survive in an accident ?

How to survive in an accident ?
You will need:
  • Fully curb kit
  • skills in first aid to victims
  • protein concentrate
  • Plaid and a set of warm clothes
  • bottled water
# 1

Overfraction of a second before the collision, you need to regroup.This means that if you can not avoid a crash, then in a matter of moments before impact you need to lift your knees to the abdomen, and head covered with his hands.In a grouped condition in an accident, often able to avoid injuries of limbs and head.Also, if the car will be crushed, and the human body is clamped in a grouped condition easier to breathe and wait for help.

# 2

If getting into an accident in the city, the behavior of participants in the accident does not require special skills to survive in the accident.It is only necessary to be able to provide first aid and to use a mobile phone to call the brigade ambulance and traffic police.The first thing you need to do immediately after the accident, is to get out of the car and help others do the same.

# 3

Inspect all participants for the presence of serious injuries.These are the fracture of the spine, head injuries and disorders of the skin.If the victim to bleed heavily, then you have a few seconds to save his life.The wound should be bandaged tightly by tightening the tourniquet from the medicine cabinet above the damaged limbs.The victim should be as soon as possible, be taken to hospital.

# 4

worst enemy in the accident is a traumatic brain injury.The damage is not visible, but it is very dangerous.Therefore, in order to survive at such injury, immediately after the accident and before arrival at the hospital, you need to carefully monitor the coordination of movements and his speech.If these two points are violations, you should immediately tell your doctor, this may manifest as a result of a brain hemorrhage or concussion.

# 5

Immediately after you have verified that no one needs first aid, it is necessary to cause a brigade of doctors, survival in an accident often depends on timely medical care.They should exclude participants of shock accident.It should be remembered that the shock slows down the body's metabolism, and is capable of some time to just "turn off" the work of some bodies.Therefore, the ambulance always have an injection against a state of shock.

# 6

In case of an accident on the road, where there is not much movement, could be useful plaid (in cold weather), and amino acid concentrate.Water and amino acids help to hold more than one day, before you and your car will find the victim.In the case of an accident on the road, in winter, try to ensure maximum visibility of the accident (set the phosphorescent signs, constantly clean the car from falling snow), try to hide the most warm clothes, in order to save heat.