How to behave in an emergency ?

How to behave in an emergency ?
You will need:
  • kit
  • car that crashed
  • small camera or phone with the ability to take pictures
  • insurance policy vehicle liability
# 1

case of contact withaccident, first of all, it is important to remain calm.Man, panic-stricken, can not adequately assess the situation and can make annoying bugs.In the collision of the car with other vehicles or objects postorennimi should immediately assess the situation and try to get out of the car.Once managed to get out of the car, you need to take a close look, there does not need someone else to help get out of the crumpled car.If a person is not able to get out, he needs help.Along the way, you need to pick up a first aid kit from the passenger compartment.Dressings may be required when the victims of the accident.In the medicine cabinet in advance to be a reminder of how to behave in case of an accident.

# 2

out of the car people have to move away from the vehicle to a safe distance.If the cars start to burn or explode, debris and the flam

es shall not cause injury to anyone.After all the people had left the machine and moved away from them, you should make sure that there are no persons in need of emergency medical care.If such a person is, they should get help as soon as possible.If there is bleeding, they should be stopped if there are broken limbs, they need to fix the means at hand.In no case can not move a limb, with a suspected broken bone.

# 3

Along with of providing first medical aid to the victims, it is necessary to call an ambulance.The presence of a physician is necessary, even if the visible injuries to the participants of the accident is not.The fact that a person could experience a shock.Some degree of shock could have a devastating effect on the nervous system.And people can even die.Doctors can make the affected anti-shock injection and the danger passes.Correct behavior in an accident during the first minutes of her field, play the most important role in the prevention of unpleasant consequences.

# 4

After the life and health of victims is in danger, you should call the traffic police.Until the moment when the crew arrives DPS to do procedural Snapshot accident.It is important to take a picture of all areas of accident, which can give a distinct idea of ​​what had happened.In the event of conflict in determining the culprit in the accident, procedural photo can help in the investigation.If any accident should remember that we must first take care of the preservation of life and health of participants in the accident, and after you can take care of the protection of property.