How to cry on purpose?

How to cry on purpose?
You will need:
  • Eau
  • Sand
  • Talent actor
# 1

is often necessary to be able to play the drama to draw or for other purposes.Many such cases wrongly trying to portray crying without outside help, and seldom at whom it turns out true.How to cry on purpose?Here are some effective and proven method.Work, but impractical method - smell the fresh-cut onions.Tears will flow by itself.In emergency situations, this method is not feasible, because not all always have onion and a knife at hand, and, of course, at the time to prepare.

# 2

If you know exactly when to have to cry, you can take with menthol balm and at the hour of X to put it directly under the eyes (do not hit them, of course - otherwise it can happen corneal burn).May have to cry a lot and often - then it is better to have a special bottle of lightly salted water, that is, with a kind of analogue of tears.To cry is enough to drip into the eyes of more such artificial tears: they will soon be rolled out for yourself, and very believ

able look.There are people who are advised to drop by citric acid in the eye, but it is to anything except irritation of the cornea, will not.Another good way for the unprepared person - a lot of time to yawn.Yawning is a reflex tears, but to achieve the desired effect, you need to yawn at least 10 times.View at one point, the maximum straining your eyes, but not focusing on her view - too good and fast way to cause tears.They, again, as with yawning, will reflex.

# 3

no less effective option - to touch the bare hand of the cornea with a fingernail or finger.Be sure to follow their cleanliness: dirty hands in contact with the eyes can cause conjunctivitis, and treat it unpleasant, tedious and long.The process is not for the faint of heart - try vyschipnut hair from the nose.Tears are for sure, but it may also be accompanied by screams, curses, and op...You can pinch yourself nails for the tip of the nose - that's for sure cause tears.Bag of tricks taken from the actors - to make a facial expression during this mourning, then tears will roll of the eyes.This method is combined with other, ie first pinch myself earlobe or a drop of water in the eye, and then begin to portray crying.

# 4

For sensitive people the surest way to cause tears to recall something very sad, some unpleasant situation, unresolved conflict.The situation in which there was very sorry for myself in general.Then the tears will be the most sincere - if only to stop at the right moment, because it is too prolonged crying by trifling occasion may raise doubts as to their honesty.In the end, if the memory of it is very unpleasant and can not be able to stop and cry sometimes have on the stage, where every action allotted specific time.

# 5

way about the scene: if the tears are required for the role, you need to discard the "I" and fully get used to the way to the smallest details, to go through the whole tragedy of the character.However, it is only possible to a truly talented actors...If neither option is not working, you can just take a pillow or a handkerchief and, covering her face, sob, or a couple of times to lie face in the pillow.Even no need to cry, but it looks quite natural.