How to mend relations after falling out who should go first?

How to mend relations after falling out who should go first?
You will need:
  • partner quarrel
  • goodwill for reconciliation
  • patience and understanding
# 1

Man - being irrational.Therefore, with all due recognition of the benefits of peace and neighborly co-existence, human life is filled with quarrels, conflicts, domestic violence and even wars.Even in relations with the closest people, lovers, spouses, friends and family constantly arise tensions because of such human qualities as emotion, pride, intolerance, and so on. D. But the civilized man must be able to master their emotional impulses in time to extinguishfire escalating conflict.And to interpersonal quarrel not spilled over into a long break in relations, it is necessary to know how to improve relations after a row.This aspect may be considered 3 situations: when the reconciliation is the originator of the quarrel;when the aggrieved party wishes to be reconciled;when it is unclear who is right and who is wrong.

# 2

So, what to do if a person feels guilty, repented, realized that he was

wrong, and wants to reconcile.First of all we must understand that partner quarrel suffered, likely undeserved insult.In this case the offender must try to give the most clearly understood by their counterparts that the fault most recognized and remorse is sincere.Techniques on how to make up after an argument, in such a situation may be completely different.Friend can be invited to a frank conversation over a glass of beer, and explain where their desire for reconciliation and a deep understanding of his guilt.A loved one can be a romantic surprise, frankly asking for forgiveness while.In both cases, you need to avoid phrases and hints, such as "Well, you, too, was wrong..." "You're too good!", "The situation there is your fault..." And others. Shifting the blame on the other,culprit argument exposes the insincerity of his remorse.

# 3

And even if a person is peaceful and knows how to avoid argument, is that his partner is very excitable and prone to emotional impulses.Quarrels with the partner - an integral part of life.But such a person can be more stubborn and that will interfere with him to apologize and make peace on their own initiative.In such a situation, the more calm and patient partner should not wait for the first conciliatory step by his counterpart.It is understood that he is also eager to reconciliation, but because of the nature of their prejudices or simply does not understand how to behave after a quarrel.Therefore, taking the first step even in the status of injured party, the latter achieves the result sought by and the offender.In this connection, the latter will even be grateful and will reflect on their behavior.It is important, going to a meeting instigator quarrel, do not overdo it with reproach and teachings.

# 4

Finally, it is very difficult to understand how to behave in a quarrel, if it is not clear who is right and who is wrong.In this case, you need to find the mental strength to stop and not to continue the conflict.You can just as well as possible and after a pause, go first to reconcile.Such a step will receive a certain initiative in improving relations and their further development.In any case, the one who takes the first step and significant efforts towards reconciliation and a smoothing of the conflict situation, is in a psychologically favorable situation.It is this initiative makes a person a leader in interpersonal relationships.