How to determine the intentions of the men : preparing for the second rendezvous

How to determine the intentions of the men : preparing for the second rendezvous
You will need:
  • attractive appearance
  • behavior
  • communicative
# 1

well and looked spent the first date makes you think, and the second the same excellent date.But not all so simple.Some men, after the first date make conclusions about women, often not in their favor.On the second date must now be forgotten.But anything can happen and vice versa.You need to know how to determine the intentions of the man about a second date.All you can tell by his behavior, even though the words are also playing an important role.

# 2

If during visits gentleman allowed himself liberties (to hide in a cozy place, try to hug or kiss), it is suspicious.Typically, a special honesty these men do not have.How to understand his intentions in such a situation?Very easy.Probably already on the first date, let alone a second or third, he is counting on something more than just sit and chat.Make plans for a happy future with such a person is not, of course, unless such behavior in women is outrageous.After all,

everyone is different.

# 3

How to determine the seriousness of the men in his appearance?That looks like a man, a lot can be said about his intentions about a girl on a date from which it came.If the meeting he came to the sloppy and shabby form, produce to his companion any positive emotions he was not.Most likely, it's just a disinterested young man who was sent to a meeting relatives in the hope that he finally someone finds himself.If a man is interested in a girl and wants some relationships, it certainly dressed cleanly and neatly.

# 4

If a man for Dating does not say how to recognize the intentions of the man in this case?In the silence there is nothing to worry about.And even more so, it does not mean that women do not like the gentleman.Most likely, it may mean much sympathy from him.Or maybe he was just shy of saying something wrong.Still, it's better than if he was a whiner and cheeky personality.In all situations it is necessary to look for the pros.

# 5

There are many ways how to understand the intentions of the young man on a date, which can speak bezkontsa.But if you take into account these couple of points, you can easily make a big picture and determine what the intentions of the men about future relations.Moreover, that was just a first date.People tend to be disclosed in a few meetings in a row when he will talk about different topics and look at each other's behavior under various conditions.