Where to buy goji berries : goji possible to buy in the drugstore ?

Where to buy goji berries : goji possible to buy in the drugstore ?
You will need:
  • free time
  • cash
  • internet access available
  • phones urban pharmacies
# 1

Goji berries have become popular in Europe just a few years ago,Americans use of the food a little longer - 5-6 years, while China culture Hour goji berries preserved for thousands of years.What is the secret of the popularity of this fruit?In China, they have a variety of names - Viagra fruit, berry happiness, wolfberry, red diamond and many others.In most of these names reflect the healing fruit quality goji bush.The berries of this plant are used to treat sexual disorders, kidney diseases and digestive system, improve vision, reduce the risk of inflammation, strengthen the immune system and help fight depression.Goji is recommended to take with anemia, diseases of the joints and back, during pregnancy, as well as to improve sleep insomnia.

# 2

But the greatest popularity of goji berries in America and Europe have gained because of their ability to reduce weight.Excess weight - quite a big prob

lem for the nations that actively use fast food to food.The Chinese are mainly characterized by harmony and grace, perhaps some merit in this goji berries too.And when you consider that the use of these berries promotes longevity and retains the clarity of mind, then give up taking these wonder berries would be at all stupid.How exactly goji berries help to get rid of the hateful kilos?Firstly, in 100g.the product contains only 370kkal.This means that they can eat as much as you want without fear to buy a couple of extra kilos.The second secret is to eat a lot of them just do not work - the goji berry is quite hearty.

# 3

Goji Berries are unique to their phytochemical composition.One hundred grams of dried fruit contains a record amount of vitamin C - 2500 mg, no plant in the world does not contain this vitamin in such volumes.In addition to vitamins C, PP, E, as well as a complex group of vitamins B, 8 goji berries contain mono- and polysaccharides, 6, 5, unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic.In addition, the berries are present in the composition of calcium, potassium, selenium, zinc and iron.Dried berries are also quite rich source of zeaxanthin, a carotenoid, which contributes to maintaining visual acuity and is used to prevent the onset of cataracts.But some data, zeaxanthin content reaches 77% of the total carotenoids present in goji.

# 4

question arises if goji berries are useful, whether they are in the free market?Can Goji over the counter, found on the shelves of supermarkets or in stores that sell dried fruit?Just want to say that the chance to find goji berries in the supermarket though a small, but there is a cost there are berries about three euros.Only thing is that due to the popularity of this fruit, it began to be cultivated in Spain, Greece, and even in Russia, but really healing Goji berries are considered to be only those that have been grown in Tibet and certain regions of Mongolia.After all, the quantity and quality of nutrients depends on the salt composition of the soil, which is growing shrub.Most likely, it will be in supermarkets Spanish berries, hence the small price.Tibetan goji are about 5 times more.

# 5

As for other ways to purchase goji berries, you should not look for them in public pharmacies, but the chance to buy goji fitoapkekah in town big enough.Sometimes vprodazhu come not dried goji berries, and the infusion of useful berries and herbs which included juice and fresh goji berries.One of these infusions is phytopreparation "goji berries Balm".It consists of goji berry extract, oak extract, cranberry juice, stevia extract and purified water.This balm is used for the prevention of colds during the cold season, strengthening the immune system, as an auxiliary component in the treatment of sexual disorders.

# 6

addition to pharmacies, there are a few more options for where to buy goji berries.You can use the services of online health food stores.Now such shops exist in almost every city, many of these stores are located in the same populated area, so that the delivery will be possible for one or two days.Another way to buy goji berries - try to look for them on the Internet sites of international trade.You can certainly find them on many shopping areas and within the country, but the price will repeatedly overstated.By purchasing goods directly from Chinese sellers, you can save considerably.Firstly, the price does not rent premises will be included, as is the case with pharmacies.Secondly, a lot of merchants offer free shipping of China.