How to communicate with the child's father , if he left the family ?

How to communicate with the child
You will need:
  • to ascertain the causes of divorce
  • attempts to establish contact
  • Adequate attitude to divorce
# 1

A very important point is that in which circumstances occurred father's withdrawal from thefamily, in what respects were former spouses.Most often, the relationship parents have parted crucial to how to communicate with the father of the child.If the parting was an objective desire on both sides, and between the former husband and wife were warm feelings and positive emotions, the problem is that, as a son or daughter will communicate with parents decide quite easily.Such communication is usually free in nature.

# 2

If parted between one negative, for example, if the father left his family, the woman in every way will prevent attempts to meet her ex-husband and her child.Sometimes, himself a parent is not too eager to communicate.Then the mother of course raises the question of how to raise her son without a father.Many psychologists distinguish this particular problem,

as it is believed that if in an incomplete family has a daughter, the mother is able to give her a raise based on their own experience.The education of Man is to adhere to the golden mean - not allowing permissiveness, moderately encouraged and punished;also it is necessary to listen to their child, to share his interests.

# 3

If there was a question of how to give the child his father's name - for example, in memory of the old feelings, then you need to go to the authorities of the registrar.Suffice it to refer to a statement in which he must indicate the reason for the name change.If you currently need to have a passport and a birth certificate of the child.After 2 months will be issued a new birth certificate.How to forgive his father, who left their families?So the question often wonder children raised in single-parent families.It would seem that such an act on the part of native Pope there is no excuse.However, in spite of everything, it is necessary to try to understand the reasons for the divorce of parents, to talk with my mother, discuss adult problems.Understand - sometimes, it's the same as forgiving.

# 4

If you can not find any excuses and want to erase any mention, you have to learn how to write his father from the birth certificate.In our country, unfortunately or fortunately, no voluntary renunciation of paternity - its counterpart is a termination of parental rights of a parent through a petition to the court from the other parent.Communication with his father - a very important part of everyone's life.Learning, which is why there was a crisis and the collapse of relationships, having considered all the details, we can reach an understanding as in the former spouses or between parent and child.