Goji Berries : caloric and properties

Goji Berries : caloric and properties
You will need:
  • goji berries
  • clean water
  • thermos
# 1

goji berries or Lycium Barbarum, have a broad spectrum of therapeutic action.Since ancient times, these berries are used in traditional Chinese medicine, the past decade, their use has become popular in Canada and America, and are now beginning to demand goji and CIS market.In China, this plant is popular for the past many centuries.Goji Berries are used for the treatment of sexual disorders, kidney diseases and digestive system, strengthen the immune system and help fight depression.

# 2

In Europe and North America are the most popular as an effective way to reduce weight.Goji berries, which calorie is only 370 calories per 100 grams, not only help to lose weight quickly, but also make the process comfortable, because in the present composition of the berries as much as 8 polysaccharides, which are excellent catalysts for burning fat.The extra starch and sucrose, which receives the body by unbalanced diet, in the use of goji ber

ries just go into energy.Thus, the more a person eats, the more vigorously it and slimmer.Paradoxically, goji berries do possess such properties as proven in clinical trials.

# 3

But that's not all.By drinking goji berries infusion, the body gets a record amount of vitamin C. No one plant in the world does not contain this vitamin in such numbers - 2500 mg per 100 grams.Importantly, when dried fruit (berries come mostly in dried form on the European market) phytochemicals hardly reduced.Due to the absence of ascorbic acid in the enzyme goji berries, even a relatively stable vitamin C is virtually destroyed, well, iron, zinc, selenium and beta-carotene remain in the previous volumes.

# 4

But does the healing properties of berries are lost when insisting?Absolutely not.When properly brewed, berries, good nutrients pass into the infusion and almost lost in volume.Boil the berries correctly is not difficult.They just need to rinse, put in a thermos and fill with clean hot water.Do not use chlorinated water, the interaction with molecules of chlorine, some biologically active substances fall, well, that spoils the taste does not even have to talk.Goji caloric content which is not high, however, sweet enough, due to the presence of monosaccharides and polymers, so that there is no need to use additional sugar.

# 5

People who are accustomed to eating in fast foods are also worth to acquire the habit of taking a daily infusion of goji berries.After all, as you know, in fast food restaurants, food contains a large amount of cholesterol, which leads to diseases of the circulatory system.Antioxidants contained in the composition of berries, prevent the formation of fat build-up on artery walls, and flavonoids help to soften the inner surface of blood vessels.

# 6

When using goji berries, there are some contraindications.Firstly, it is an individual intolerance of the product.Allergic reactions to berry is sometimes seen in people who are prone to allergies to nuts.Also it is necessary to restrict the reception of berries - dried berries can be eaten no more than five pieces at a time.Otherwise, you may experience palpitations.In the preparation of the infusion, the amount of fruit should not exceed 20 grams per liter of water.During pregnancy, the reception of berries is possible, but requires a preliminary consultation of the doctor.It is also worth mentioning that you should ask about the presence of the quality certificate from the seller when buying berries.Especially valuable are goji berries grown in Tibet and Mongolia, but now the demand is so great that you can find berries grown on plantations in Spain, Greece and even Russia.